Is some of the dialogue screwed up?


I feel like some of the dialogue with the new hunters is sort of screwed up. A couple of instances include:

Torvald’s dropship dialogue sounds like his voice actor was too close to the mic. It’s really hard to describe, but his voice sounds more pronounced than the other hunters when he’s in the dropship. It’s like all background noise fades out when he talks.

There are a lot of awkward silences between Tier 4 Hunter conversations. This becomes more prominent when you get the dialogue that mixes old dialogue with new.

This brings me to my third point. Why didn’t TRS call some of the voice actors to do some extra dialogue with the new hunters? Was it a cost thing? Did the original voice actors belong to an actors union?

I can’t be the only one noticing this.


I never notice anything with torvalds voice so I have nothing to say about that. But the awkward silence, I get that to its a hit or miss sometimes, sometimes great convo and I find something new out or just awkward silence then I drop.
I think the devs said the new hunters don’t talk much with the old because they were rushed but they said they are adding a ton of new dialogue between them soon in the next big patch I think.


Actually, they are doing that right now! @Matthew is in charge of this stuff, and according to him, they’re going to patching in a LOT of dialogue between the new guys and the rest of the Crew in an upcoming…thingy. I think he said in 6-8 weeks a while ago, not sure.

Also, not a bug. :slight_smile:


Correct, I think he said 300 more conversations coming with the next TU.


Gonna play Evolve more for the conversations than for the actual hunt then :slight_smile:


“Biiiiiihiiiimooooth come oooon Ure not so biiiig” makes me wanna slap her with a brick…