Is Slim's Spore Cloud Launcher mastery bugged?


The Spore Cloud Launcher mastery (2nd level) seems to be bugged. I’ve only been able to have it register three times & progress has literally stopped. I’ve tested it with my buddy standing still in several custom games as a monster & have hit him non-stop for the entire games’ matches. There’s absolutely no progress whatsoever. Is anyone else experiencing this on the Xbox One? @MacMan, @MajorLeeHyper, @MrStrategio, and/or @SlabOMeat can you please look into this? Thanks in advance.

Slim masteries!

Damn if you tried boosting and it didn’t work there’s a real problem, I got to 3 points also and it seemed to stop working. PS4 here


The mastery stopped giving me progress in public games, so I had my teammates test it out in three separate custom games. No movement in progress at all, so something is broken. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


I’ve heard it happening to a few peeople on different posts your not alone just wwork on other hunters till they fix it I suggest Torvald he’s the easiest Hunter to get mastery with and he’s a beast


Adding @MrStrategio for QA visibility


I have been experiencing the same issue! I cannot level it up for the life of me.


Sure it was tedious as hell but it worked for me on pc


Yes, but that was on the PC. I’m talking about the XB1, and I’m seeing reports of the same issue on PS4.


Doing it with a friend? Finish the first match you play and check your character mastery. Don’t hit continue. Instead, back out to the previous screen and then hit start match again.

I found that if I did not do this and hit continue, it would not record progress on the mastery for any more matches.

I did it on custom Defend, by the way. The monster can stand there, keep him in a cloud for 20 seconds (you’ll have to keep firing so it doesn’t dissipate). Let the cloud go away (he gets smell back), then do it over again. You should get 2-4 per match :slight_smile:


Hmmm, I’ll give it a try to see if that snaps it back into working order. Thanks for the suggestion, @PonyForever.


I just moved onto 4 so I dont know if actually is a bug or if it is but only affecting some people. Hopefully I don’t jinx and stay on 4 haha. But this second mastery is pretty tough. It touch and go because 20 seconds seems a long time for it. The other two I got in no time. I just spammed the launcher at times. Making long trails where I thought the monster would go. I don’t think the monster stayed in the same cloud for 20 seconds.


Gah! Can’t even get ONE hehe. Had a Behemoth sit in a corner during a dome Rockwalling himself in and Fissure+Lavabombing when it was down and I still apparently didn’t hit 20 seconds D:


I can say for sure this is bugged, this was not a custom game this was on defend against a damage sponge.

All that counted as +1 and I made sure that I gave it plenty of time between when I put the next spore set on it.

I have done this in many games and once in a great while I get it to go +1 but I only have gotten to +2 overall in the count.

So After a few more rounds I was able to get it to +4 ( Granted no matter how much I do i can only get 1 per match ).

I have also noticed that it takes much much longer then 20 seconds of them in a cloud to even register 1.


I got passed 2* now I’m stuck at 3. I tried all different kinds of ways. To include: 1. Choose medic role for defend. 2. In game switch to trapper to throw some once monster is within range. 3. Switch to support and let yourself get revived. Use cloaking field. 4. Switch back to slim and launch spore cloud on monster then go revive support while cloaked.


DOME not some


Ok I have now been able to farm this a bit better but it seems that if the dome is not overhead it doesn’t want to count it. I have gotten +1 here or there without a dome but with the dome up it is much more accurate.

I know for sure that I was keeping the monster in the cloud for more then 20 seconds without the dome, it just seems that its much more accurate at counting when the dome is up, heck it actually makes it easier because you only have to put down 3 or 4 nades shoot a couple heals and then a few more nades.

So not sure how to call this one now because I can get it past 3 and I can get it to advance it just seems finicky :slight_smile:


Getting past 2 is just grindy, but its doable. Third star for spores is where it gets tough! Im at 10 of 50… :confused:


Bringing @RaymondLukes into this thread. He should be able to provide you guys with some better details than me.

Edit: Actually this was the wrong post to bring him into.

I’ll have someone look into this.


Much appreciated, @MrStrategio! I’ve actually been able to master the tier two spore cloud launcher mastery in hunts & rescue game modes. It was stuck on 3 for quite some time despite the fact that it should have registered progress. Perhaps more eyes on this will iron out the wrinkles.


this would explain so much… i got half way through yesterday and gave up because it was taking a stupidly long time to get even one point…