Is slim going to get a buff?


Ok so I understand how slim works. I just can’t seem to pull off his play style very well. I’m just wondering if his healing burst could maybe get a little more love ?

It looks as though he heals for like 1/10th of the hunters health bar with each burst ? Maybe a little more and then even if you are spamming leech gun all it takes is too miss a few shots or be a little out of range and your team isn’t getting enough healing. The thing I do like about slim is his spore gun, I think that is pretty boss !

But this could just be me being a scrub but yeah I would like some input regardless .


He is getting one to his heals :smile:

Expect the buff tuesday!


Oh awesome news, I’ll start eliting him now then


YEa, it took me a while to get the revives while monster is spored.

Advice: rescue for that, other than that, go defend.


Oh cheers for the help mate :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Sorry to bother you again mate but are the patch notes out ?

I wouldn’t mind finding out who else is getting buffed/nerfed :blush:


Not yet, they haven’t released it. you will see it on the top of the page once they do decide to release them :smile:


Also use your bug to revive while spore clouding.


He’s new heal burst recharges with two full connecting shots, so on average he can heal in three shots now.
He’s healing rivals that of Caira, but he’s utility is more fair to counter for the monster to balance the two kits out.

The spore cloud seems to have gotten a radius buff, but it no longer blinds people with the huge spore particle. They Spores have been replaced with a more appropriately sized spore particle. So now it’ll look like a supernova cloud only green and more visible. Also getting hit by the monster will now show the outline of the target, just like support cloak and decoy cloak.

The bug isn’t getting any changes.


If his spores are ever buffed I will flip a table.


Slim is getting a buff?


Yes as everyone said he’s getting a buff :grin: @MaddCow streamed and showed it of a little. He also showed the new spore clouds. Take a look


Where can I go to take a look ?