Is Rockwall reliable now?


Wondering if anyone noticed an improvement.


Just played a behemoth and he used rock wall and holes were still there


Do you recall the circumstances? Previously, it would break on all but flat surfaces. Everything from Daisy to Laser Cutter would create a gap.


Rock Wall is far more reliable now, i’d give it a 95% work rate, but the 5% could very well have been poor casting on my part ~.~


Still has holes - Definitely better though :smile:


I haven’t had a single rock wall with holes in it. You can definitely cast it a lot closer to you know. Without a gaping hole, but I would think placement wall will still affect it. The wall also comes up a lot faster which makes it way better to pin a hunter, flee, or just do damage with it. The patch definitely fixed Behemoth a bit, however, he still gets stuck on wildlife while rolling, and overall he still takes a fair amount effort to beat a decent team of hunters with.


Its gotten better, I recommend you to use it.


Yes, looks pretty promising after the first couple of matches.


reliability is above 50% , but it still loves to turn into rock pillars if hunters are always on you.


Rock wall is lot more useful now. Not saying it doesn’t break on vehicles at all, but severate vehicles I know it did break on before, didn’t do it this time around. It simply stuck the rock through the vehicle without moving it lol

Few things I know still break it:

-Shield Drone
-Placing too close to behemoth (although I was excited to see that it could be placed closer than before)
-Random ground placement (I’ll admit this has only happened to me twice since patch, so could be luck)

Over all, its much more effective than before. Whether or not it works for you will depend on your use as always. Best of luck :smiley:


Rock wall is not completely sorted out yet but it is much more reliable. Enough that I have changed my build to include it at stage 2 when I never would bother putting one point into pre patch.


Yeah, rock wall is really fun to use now. I’ve switched my load outs to tongue grab II, Fissure III, Rock Wall III, Lava I.

pre patch i used to only have 1 in rock wall, but now with rock wall at about 90-95%, this is very effective, especially against laz groups. And level 3 rock wall is so awesome.

There was 1 match that stupid daisy caused a hole in the wall and caused me to lose the game. Close match - down to 2 hunters left, maggie and slim, I have about 1.5-2 bars of health, relay area on broken hill foundry ( so very close quarters). I tongue grab slim, throw rock wall, pounce and there is daisy, making a hole allowing maggie to shoot me, slim gets out of the hole, but I can’t follow until the rock wall comes down. This allowed them to split and run and then the rest of the team came down and I ended up losing. I was pretty mad at TRS at this point, but overall, it is 500% better than pre-patch