Is Renegade Abe overnerfed?

He has been nerfed 2 times, even worse, passive damage now no longer stops monster armor regeneration which is sad, i’m starting to question his viability in chase. I’d rather pick torvald or blitzkov over him to maximised my damage in dome and since this recent “nerf”

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The Dot only stops armor regen within the dome, don’t worry.

Good, i thought rabe couldn’t stop armor regen in chase, cuz as monster i just don’t feel his damage :neutral_face:

No he’s still the master of chip damage don’t worry :smile: And to clarify dot doesn’t stop armor channeling, it does prevent armor regen though

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You sure about that? I’ve had chases where Gabe and trapper are on point (even one against ai, which sucks at fleeing) and there were “monster armour broken” prompts constantly, like every 10-20s.

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isnt that what I said? That it prevents armor regen? Possibly it ate something?

For “armour broken” to be announced, the monster had to have regained some armour… And in some of the cases, I was watching the armour bar, it was a tiny sliver of armour and not a bar from eating. And the monster was on dots 100% of the time.

You serious? If it is true then RIP R.Abe

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I’ll need to check it out myself, thanks for bringing that to my attention though

But wouldn’t dot and monster regen just cancel each other or is monster armor regen stronger ?

Assuming I’m right about it not blocking regen, the regen will be stronger while it’s in effect. But direct damage will still stop the regen, so if you’re shooting, he won’t get to regen very often, only when he breaks LoS for a short while.

The patch notes said armor channeling but I’m completely sure it also affects regular armor recovery which sucks. It’s REALLY fast to start recovering again.

I do believe it was a harsher nerf than the others before trying to tone down him and now not only he seems a lot weaker but also he had his identity playstyle harmed. Chip damage still exists but not in the same way Rabe used to excell. Now as soon as the monster breaks LoS it is over and Rabe’s strengh was not only the damage he would provide during the chase, but the fact armor would not recover for a long period and the whole team could keep adding damage if it constantly got small frames of sight.

I wish any dev could comment if it was intended and what do they think about RAbe’s performance and identity after those changes. I dunno who to mention though.

It’s killing me that I can’t play him in legacy.

That nerf was the end of R.Abe. He can’t do shit aganist anything. And there’s still people wandering around “Renegade Abe’s OP” NO he isn’t. He’s pretty much overnerfed. Each game, I take the monster to half health, and he suddenly incapps the medic or support and BOOM. You lose. BUFFS FOR R.ABE PLEASE

Please tell me which assault is “he suddenly incapps the medic or support and BOOM. You WIN”


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