Is rabe UP

It’s hard to keep switching weapons with using a pc

Rabe is balanced but he’s both team comp and team skill dependent. He doesn’t have a lot of front load damage in domes so your team has to be on point in surviving longer dome fights while also dealing damage.

He also works best with chase composition teams such as sunny, the griffins, val

He’s had two damage nerfs which weren’t bad but the recent nerf to poison damage not stopping armor regen really hurt him imo.

He’s fairly balanced now.

When he was first released though, he was OP as all fucking get out.

Whatever you do, do NOT pick Cabot with him. It’s the same bullshit as picking Bucket with RVal.

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I think Gabe is a little under but not a severe case. He’s not super far off from other assaults in the dome, just a bit weaker. Thing is, the armor regen/channelling update a while back rekt his chase game completely. The monster just has to triple leap, break LOS, walk for three seconds and bang! Armor. Chase is off. So against a decent monster who saved traversals and planned his LOS-breaking escape path, Gabe essentially gave up dome power for no benefit.

He isn’t useless though, just very niche now. He might be able to pull off more dome damage than other assaults when paired with Bucket and a damage trapper (Abe/Crow/Waggie) using his damage amp, although he won’t get the credit. And in an ultra-defensive team (like Slim/Sunny/Jack) intent on outpacing the monster’s damage with mitigation, Gabe is the only assault that can contribute to the plan, with a 5% damage penalty that might make the difference. Also, chase comps still work, although its more difficult. Under Sunny/Val support, Gabe and Crow/Griffin/EGriff can still put out good chip, if they can keep blocking armor regen.

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I think I’m relying too much on swapping and I should stick to poison shots more

Agreed. He’s taken multiple nerfs which I wasn’t excited over given his Shield offering the lowest damage reduction and the changes to the armor channeling.

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Not at all. He’s probably the most balanced assault after Markov I believe.

EDIT// But he’s too easy to down in the late game if medic’s not good, a small buff(like giving him 3 of 4 shots in shotgun) would be good. Or just increase the shield’s damage reduction value.

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It’s about using the reload-in-background. If you miss,just swap. Even if you hit, swap to an other weapon. Never take time reloading your guns. NEVER. Keep switching and spamming.


in my experience rabe is crap. Why use rabe when you can use any other and get much better results?