Is rabe UP

What do u guys think ?

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Not imo. Just gotta use him right. Fire secondary fire utility fire secondary repeat a ton. Keep the damage constantly pouring in and you’ll live a much longer happier life.


In my experience I don’t like him, not because Rabe is a bad character, I just can’t adjust to the constant damage method compared to the amount of satisfaction the other up front assaults provide.

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It’s hard to dish alot of damage with him in a dome

QS is the bees knees on R-Abe IMO, with all the swapping you do.

Make sure you use the alt-fire on the primary shotgun as often as possible, it makes each pellet do like what? 50-60% more damage? Its gnarly.

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  • R’abe is op
  • R’abe is balanced
  • R’abe is up
  • I has no R’abe :cry:

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I feel like I’m not dealing enough damage in the dome

It is maybe one of the few assault that required others hunter to work.
With a high damage comp, he is really effective with amping other damage. Add a Abe or a Bucket and that 7.5% amp damage will make a difference.
On top of that, it is one of the most demanding assault on positioning with Parnell to make the most of his shotgun. You want to be close to maximise your damage output, looking for headshot. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible, if you don’t miss a shot, you will do your job as assault, and pretty well.

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I wish the “X” key swapped his shotgun and dart gun though, instead of shot gun into grenade.

Otherwise I think he is fine as he is.

I was told I’m not doing enough damage but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with rabe

Well, unless you can provide us a footage of you playing with Renegabe or explain a little more of what you do, we can’t really help you on what you did wrong.

What was the perk you used? What comp did you play with?

And it is easy to blame the assault for not doing damage if they didn’t manage to give you enought time to do that damage. Take others comment with a grain of salt…

I’m only listening to them cause its with a new character that I’m trying to get use to and im trying to get use to evolve stage 2 on PC. If this was legacy on consoles, I would be fine

I think they weren’t doing enough damage even when I had the nerve dart on the monster

There are times where I laugh at the damage R’abe is doing and there are times where I’m like ‘holy shit!’

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When should I use the alt firing on rabe? Only for weak points?

Beats me, man, I play Lennox.

Alt-Firing aka Double shot? Always.
Nervous Dart
Corrosive Grenade
Two Single Shot to apply the Dot
Double Shot until the nervous dart is over (2 or 3 shot)

The thing with rabe is he sacrifices damage for damage amplification and reduction

Rabe doesnt have that up front bang most assualts do but he gets around the same damage.
I get around 20k average in a winning match whether I use rabe, blitz Lennox its all the same.
With rabe though a lot of damage is on the chase, plus if you watch his damage it’s slow, then out of nowhere there is no armor and the dome is down from health loss.
On rabe if I get 20k it’s likely around 8 on dart, 2 on grenades and 10k on penitence.
Where as with blitz I lift have 18k on telsa gun and 4k between the others.
Now with rabe though I might only get 12k but end the match with one dome through chip/chase damage because half of the damage is dot so you only need to see the monster for a second or two to refresh it.

Pick dmg or poison perks