Is ps4 version down atm?

So I’ve been trying to get into a skirmish match for the past half hour and nothing. Are the servers on ps4 down right now? And no it’s not my connection… I was just playing a different game before this and everything worked fine.

I havent been able to find a skirmish match mainly because in my region alot of people dont play it, instead they play rank so that may be a factor.

I tried ranked as hunters for like 5 minutes and found no one :frowning:. I still prefer skirmish though because it’s usually 10x faster and I get matched with better hunters.

What region are you in?


…Come on man I’m just trying to get help to figure out why my game won’t work

Well I live in the west coast of the U.S. but like I said before maybe poeple arent playing skirmish while you are searching… I mean why do that when you can just play ranked mode?

What Im trying to say is that it might just be you having bad luck at finding people, you said that another gamemode worked just fine right?

No I can’t find anyone in all 3 game modes.

I like skirmish over hunt because in hunt I only get matched with people that are bronze elite or below. In skirmish I get matched with people who are level 40 and know what there doing(usually).

I’m in the east US so there has to be atleast 4 others trying to play.

Well let me check on my PS4 and if I have the same issue I will tag a dev for them to check it out.


Any news on ps4 servers possibly being down?

Well they arent down I got into a skirmish match really quick so I once again think it might just be that you cant find anyone right now, you can restart you game if that does anything…

I can confirm that PS4 is definitely up and running and there are people playing in the US. I would try closing the game (fully, not rest mode), restarting the PS4 and checking your internet connection.

Darn ok :/… Thanks for the info

Let me know if that fixes anything. We’ll figure this out together!

Yeah I find restarting game application fixes a few bugs strangely but it works so yeah!

That hasn’t happened to me in awhile, but when it did I just restarted the game and it was good to go!

Do you know why restarting game fixes some issues like connecting to parties etc? It’s a weird fixing work around or am I missing something?

I got kicked from game yesterday so annoying first time in a long time it’s happened,had that CE-347 bug on ps4 that randomly shuts your game down for no reason!

I really don’t have a solid answer. Restarting fixes things for a lot of games. Most cases it’s because something weird is stored in the memory and a restart clears it out. /shrug

Oh yeah probably,I know on ps4 if you don’t turn your ps4 off via the power off fully then your system goes a bit out of sync sometimes,like I always put in rest mode normally but turning it fully off fixes things like you said memory like a system defrag same with games I would imagine