Is PC suppose to not have the new skins?


So there is suppose to be 3 or so new skins (cosmic skin, jade skin, etc), but I don’t see them in the in-game store or the steam store. Is this intended? I’ve heard that people one xbox and ps4 have been able to buy them. Why won’t you let me give you my money?


They are PC Master Race timed exclusive for 30 days.


I had heard this, but I had also heard that consoles were able to buy the skins in store. I found it confusing that they could but PC couldn’t.


I think it is because they didn’t have a PC Monster Race exclusive and because they aren’t cross platform you don’t see anyone on PC without the skin unless they purchased the PCMR edition…


Welp. I guess I’ll just wait a month for sparkly Wraith :cry: You can close this thread, my question’s been answered.