Is Parnell supposed to do that much damage?


During the stream he two shot this minion…If that’s how many shots it takes to kill a minion I would never summon one lol. Is this by design or perhaps a bug?


I’d have to watch it again, but I could have swore the minion came IN with 1/2 health, so in effect it was a “4 shot”. But maybe I missed it.


The Minion was hatched with half health, so the Minion’s max health was only 50% of what it could be. Of that 50% max health, half of it was already missing when Parnell engaged.


Yeah he did come in at that health. Still, watching the damage it would have taken 3 shots total.


Could it have been that, because of the angle, Parnell hit a few headshots, increasing the damage?
Provided the rocket launcher can hit headshots, as some weapons don’t.


Pretty sure the rocket launcher doesn’t hit weakspots, the Shotty is Parnell’s crithitter.


I don’t believe rockets have headshots. Remember also, we aren’t sure if he had a damage perk chosen before the match started, and the game had autobalance dmg. increase for the Hunters that round as well. If you watch other Minions that are hatched from an egg with full health they last REALLY well.


That’s the reason I posted this. The other minions lasted “REALLY” well while this minion just fell over and gave up.

Even if he did have a damage bonus that seems quite extreme.


He was at 25% of a full healthy minion (Give or take some percent due to egg hatching health)


If it took 3/4 rockets that means a full one would take 12-16. That seems about right.


Sounds like they should spawn the minion with that health shown in his bar and not just have the bar full with the remaining health of the egg as his. Assuming that’s even the case.


I’m assuming that the health bar is always presented as full upon hatching so hunters don’t know how weak it is?


That or it’s a bug like how the monsters armor glitches occasionally.


It definitely could be a bug, I’d prefer it if it wasn’t though. Hunters have a pretty easy time on Nest I feel, it’d be good if they generally weren’t aware at first (unless they’re paying attention) to how powerful the minion currently is. Just my thoughts on that little quirk :wink: