Is my leg broken


I think it might on the ankle it hurts when i move it around like when i stretch


@midnightroses i need you


Most likely a pulled muscle or a minor sprain. You should maybe go to a doctor, mate? :slight_smile:

Plus I’m bad at recognizing injuries. I once fractured my shin (hehehehehe…@Shin) and walked around on it for a few days before going to a doctor because it hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you’re really concerned or in pain go to a doctor.


Doctors are government licensed torture masters. Go see a med student


I once tore my liver in half, only thing that held it togheter was the blood veins.
Kids these days.


I’m a joke to you now? I thought you loved me! :cry:


I do! But you also amuse me. :smile:

@MrTalha I’ve had a lot of stupid but severe injuries. I once had a bad spinal break jumping off a roof into a haystack when I was 13. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe. I know my part when it comes to pain, but I have yet to actually break a bone. Strange.



Broken bones? I have not had any, a broken heart I’ve had plenty ^.^


Get online in a couple of minutes @xkrskorpion


That’s cheesy. :stuck_out_tongue: Also the reason I gave up on relationships. :slight_smile:

@AlbinoGoliath So did you…do anything?


As apose to the custard veins?


What do you mean by did anything


As in, ascertained as to whether or not you are injured?


Ah, the healing field is ready.
Perhaps it is better to wait for death…


What do that mean?
I’m not a 100% sure how it happend. The doctors were very surprised, as none of them had seen anything like it. I remember one of them gave me a crude drawing on a notepad to explain what happened.


Nothing i cam think of


It hurts crossing my leg over the hurting one


I meant that all veins are blood veins are they not :grin: