Is my game crashing, or is it something else?


So I’m a mostly monster player, with Behemoth being my main guy. I’m by no mean a top-10 player or anything, but I’m pretty good with him and haven’t lost any matches as him for a while. However, the past couple games, something weird has happened, and it started after I bought the sandstone skin for Behemoth (which might just be coincidence). The match will go fine, and I at some point get strong and overwhelm the hunters. I’m about to make the final blow on the last person or Daisy when, like clockwork, the game freezes in that way where I can walk around, but can’t use any of my attacks, and everything else is walking/running in place. After a minute or two, it kicks me from the game and gives me the message “the connection to your previous server has been lost” or something along those lines.

What’s weird is that this has only happened with Sandstone Behemoth (again, could just be coincidence). However, those games have also had fewer people in it, usually 1 or 2 randoms, the rest of the hunters being AI. Since this happens right before I get the killing blow, is this happening because all the other players are leaving the match to avoid the loss? Or is the skin somehow messing up my game, or is it something entirely different? Any help or answer to this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.