Is monster picking last a mechanic or a tactic?


I play basically just hunter and I’ve noticed that the monster pick is revealed last in every single match. Is that an actual game mechanic or are all the monster mains doing it on purpose so that we can’t counter them?


Mechanic, it’s to stop people deliberately counter picking, same goes with monster.


Each team can’t see what the other side has picked until the countdown reaches 0


Ah, makes sense. Still sucks to face a Kraken as hyde, and not be able to reach it with most of your stuff.


Indeed, but know two things:

  1. The flamethrower has a greater reach than you think - experiment and learn the distance.

  2. Kraken tends to almost always be facing hunters and circle-flying. Dat minigun is fairly accurate when zoomed/aiming down sights - and don’t forget you get double damage for hitting that lovely big face the kraken is almost always pointing at you.


Oh my god you are telling me :sob:
I know your pain.


Yes, but I’m usually not straight under it meaning I have to fire at an angle, increasing the distance, and the Kraken’s aerial mobility keeps me chasing it until I run out of jetpack.

Aside from a direct hit my grenades are useless against the Kraken, which is a large part of Hyde’s kit.

Yes, the minigun is all right, but I’m still neutered compared to my usual damage output.


I main kraken/kelder :smiley:
sweet smile, evil laughter inside


Hyde’s “minigun” shoots more like an autocannon since the Stage 2 update


Which I hate because some people wait until the very last second. Like where did you go? McDonalds?