Is monster eating speed broken?


just had a game where we had a cornered kraken with 1 bar of health and it literally killed 1 hunter and ate him then killed 2 and ate them faster than i could reload?


What character were you?


Was the perk from the beginning of the match? Or did he have the Cephalodon perk? Also, as Crowdalra asked, what character were you?


I was WMaggie with the smg, if he had the perk i missed it being shown to me


Could’ve gone feeding speed…especially if he chomped down the hunters bodies so fast


Well i think that game ended when the assault rushed the strongest monster in the game into a cramped space with no shield and 2 strikes. But its crazy that he can just eat right in front of you and watch while you reload even as trapper that’s annoying.


no if you’ve seen a high ranked match hunters wont let you eat sheet as much as you try


Kind of sounds like the feeding speed perk.



“mrs barry”


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