Is modding / custom mapping even possible?


Will it be possible to create mods and custom maps for the PC version of Evolve? It seems like without the ability to host / join your own servers the answer is almost certainly no, but I thought I’d check in to see if anything special is in the works.


No. No modding. Mods ruined Unreal Tournament 3. We didn’t get any of them on the XBox 360. PC and PS3 got them all to themselves. We probably won’t get mods on the XBox One so I don’t want to see mods on PC or PS4 again. Evolve is better without mods.


evolve would be better without xbox and ps4… but we have to deal with that, so maybe, just maybe you have to deal with more content on other platforms.


Evolve wouldnt even have been made if it was not going to be released on Xbox One or PS4


Let me try to post something more coherent:


Edit: @SlabOMeat is quoted here just a couple of months ago:


Evolve would have been better as an XBox exclusive. Microsoft did all the advertising for this game. I hope we get a lot of XBox exclusive DLC.


yep. what people do for money…


What a BS answer. Crytek loves mods. No, the real reason why mods shouldn’t be allowed is because they won’t be on XBox One and someone might make a rule 34 mod like they did with hot coffee.


Get out troll.

Edit: I mean you nfscop.


Y’know, that’s what you get for buying a console. I can assure you that everyone who makes mods would love to share them on consoles as well - but Microsoft and Sony don’t build their machines to be a good base for mods.

Also, @VonHenry is right. Here, it’s not about whether the devs allow or anything, it’s about all the issues that come with making a moddable base for a licensed and paid engine. It really is up to Crytek, as their lawyers will set this possible. Until then, they’re technically not allowed to make editors.


One more quote from Phill, this is one from a Reddit:

Good post. We have done a lot of our own modifications to the engine.
Last thing we want to do is get peoples hopes up that we will do it and then not pull through. Personally, I think it would be great, and have been pushing for it, but turns out it’s a lot more complicated than we all thought.

Full Redit:


No. Not until someone fixes my broken progression. It’s not my fault the game reset me from rank 14 to rank 1 and reset all my unlocks an hour ago. That was nearly 8 hours of hard work to unlock that stuff. I have just as much right to be here as you do. And, I don’t like platform exclusive mods. It’s not fair.


Hard work? lol.

It is a video game.


In his defense, this game van be very tense and 8 hours is no insignificant amount of time

That said, there’s no need for console fanboying here. Modding has been part of PC games for years, if the tools are provided there will be mods. This is great for the community, don’t bash it cause of envy that’s very immature.


There should be mods eventually, ESPECIALLY if dedicated servers ever become a thing. I’ll hand it to them, the “custom game” settings are more robust than I was expecting which was a pleasant surprise. I’d love to see them open up mapping and modding to the community though.

Frankly, as long as they don’t give the BS that EA/DICE gave about Battlefield mapping tools (“it’s too hard to make a good map”, i.e. “our fans are too dumb to figure it out”) I’ll be happy even if we don’t get mapping or modding. This would be an incredibly complex game to map for compared to TF2 or L4D, and I wouldn’t expect more than one or two actually GOOD third-party maps a year.

All that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it never shows up, because they’re banking so much on platform parity. Hell, they aren’t even balancing the platforms separately. Honestly though, Evolve is a great game, and while there are many great modders out there that I’m sure could make a lot of extra fun for people, there are no glaring issues to be fixed (which is the other situation where modders often step in). It wouldn’t upset me too much if we never saw it.


It’s also not our faults, or TRS’ for that matter, so quit taking it out on us and them.


I wouldn’t mind mods. Considering Microsoft and 2K have deal going, who knows what Xbone is getting first. PC games center around mods and custom mapping. The best solution is that TRS hand picks the best/most popular maps made on PC and releases them for free on console.


I hope so, modding was going to be the biggest reason why I would pick up a copy for PC. :hankey: