Is matchmaking working properly?


When I queue as a hunter it takes 10 sec to find other hunters but then it takes 20 min to find a monster.
When I queue as a monster it takes 20 min to find hunters.

I have the same rank both as hunter and monster (bronze master).

If I am able to find other hunters in 10 sec as a hunter, why does it takes longer as a monster? It should take the same amount of time given that I am looking for hunters around bronze master level in both cases.

Does the matchmaking takes something else than rank into account?

New to Evolve, Love the Game

Hunt has never worked properly, if you want games go into the Quick Play queue.


The player population is too low to support ranked matchmaking (which is what the Hunt queue uses) except during peak times, which tend to be on the weekend only. When the population is higher, Ranked Hunt works fine.

During off peak times, which is most of the time, your alternatives are Quick Play for match making or Custom games with people in your friends list.

What your experiencing is the unfortunate slow decline of this game. Evacuation died long ago because it’s a niche game mode that didn’t appeal to everyone. Ranked Hunt, because it never uses bots and attempts first to match players of equal skill, had longer wait times than Quick Play; as the population shrunk Ranked Hunt also died. Lastly we have Quick Play, which itself is slowly dying as often you’ll have to play with 1-3 AI hunters unless you’re playing at a more active hour of the day.


That is a nonsense generalisation. Hunt match making was great up till Hnt 2.0 shattered it, especially on console.

Matchmaking is pretty poor right now, PS4 and X1…player base main reason now sadly.


I rarely see different hunters on Hunt. :unamused:


Hunt 2.0 works just fine. The player base is just very low. Especially on certain times of the day. Queue into the Hunt 2.0 queue between 20:00 and 00:00. At that time you should have the best chance to find opponents.

Or just queue into Quickplay.


You are right on that Frankie. It’s the same monsters, same hunters we see all the time. We are a close community and we basically know who is who.
BUT, with the xbox1 deal going on right now there is a lot of new life I’ve been seeing. A lot of new players and I hope they stick around.


My point stands. Hunt has never worked properly.


Is a developer or admin here in chat or can send him this only importan massage. I play a half jear not evolve because player search at xb1 is so suck and after again i can restart the game after every match. And after before 45 min in the player seach for 1-2 match ist NORMAL. I love this game so MUCH but i can play it.