Is leveling too fast paced?


Hi everyone,

First I’d like to say I really enjoyed the Big Alpha and the Beta, thanks again for these moments. :smile:

During both these events, I was able to reach level 30-35 in 2 days.
Yes, I spent both these week ends playing, so let’s say around 15-17 hours in game.
I didn’t focus on abilities which could give a lot of experience (like for example doing damage while being a hunter, which was giving insane experience during the Alpha), just played the game normaly.

As the max level is 40, I really feel that the leveling pace is too fast: in max 4 days getting to max level is relatively easy.
I imagine this has been made so players get a quick feeling of accomplishment and don’t feel the need to “grind” in order to be at the same level than older players…but still… :confused:

What do you all think about this?
Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and have a great day.

TL;DR: I think the level pace should be slowed down, a lot, what about you?

Note: I’m not talking about masteries here, just the general account level.


I quite like the level pace at the moment. If it took forever to grind up the people that actually have the time to grind would be on a better and more advanced playing field giving the people with little time an annoying disadvantage.

I think the only thing i would like is to make getting different characters more of a challenge


Currently I don’t have any problems with it. I think of it a lot like League of Legends. The levels are not the end game, unlocking all of those important perks is whats important and then from there you start honing your craft in the arena.

Does that make sense?


Ya you only level to get stuff to make your strategies better or enhance your characters not to actually shwo you are better at the game since ultimately the perk you pick will only be a mild enhancment compared to actually getting good at the game