Is Lennox still used?


I would like to know if you guys still are using Lennox? If yes why or why not? Also which Assault do you mostly use if it’s not Lennox?
Appreciate your answers.


I use her less atm because I usually end up fighting Wraith and Kraken players, and she isn’t as fun to play or as useful against those monsters.

Because of this I tend to go Hyde


She is fine, but I don’t use her that much. I have been playing tons and tons of Krakens lately so I just plan for Krakens at this point.


Thank you guys for the quick response didn’t expect that lol.
What perk do you recommend me for Lennox? Speed?


Definitely movement speed, you need to react to the monster trying to get away


This! helps you keep on the monster to keep the combo going, and if you need to run.


Lennox definitely doesn’t seem to get as much use anymore, but she is quite effective against the more grounded monsters, and from what I have seen her Plasma Lance is pretty effective against eggs.


I still use her occasionally, but like the others said she’s against the Meta with all the Krakens running rampant. But then again if the kraken is worth their two cents they’d wipe the tab no matter what assault gets picked.

As for perk choice Jetpack recharge is a very strong perk as it helps against monsters that love to mitigate and use a lot of high ground.


Lenny is probably my favorite assault but she isn’t too good for wraith or kraken and gorgon can stay away from her better than goliath and my main monster brohemoth makes it risky to try her plasma whip and thunder strike unless you have the personal shield. She definitely makes up for this with how dangerous she can be when ignored which is generally the plan for stage one monsters who just wanna down trapper so they can make a get away. Hyde and markov are more reliable while offering defensive options and parnell and torvald are more bursty and can stay at range while dealing better damage than her autocannon. I run damage bonus so everything I use hits hard but perks to help her movement capabilities are also nice. Damage resistance seems like an okay choice considering how much risk she generally puts herself at for a chance at big damage


I tend to go with Movement Speed.

Sadly though, in the current meta and Lennox’s state I only pick her when I am 100% sure the Monster is Goliath.
She’s not worth it anymore against all the other Monsters. They have it far too easy gimping her damage output.


I tried her the other day and got really annoyed with her hit rate.

It goes so fast when you miss but when you are hitting it gets so slowed down and just feels terrible. I would love it if it kept the speed with her lance when hitting but with reduced damage to compensate maybe.

The way it is now just feels wrong. So I haven’t touched her since.


Even with movement speed or jetpack recharge, she’s far too easy to avoid.


I use her. She’s my favourite assault :slightly_smiling:

The perks I use vary between jetpack recharge, movement speed or healing perk (it really depends on what the medic and support pick).


Torvald is love. Torvald is life.


Kraken off the starboard bow captain


I still use her. She remains my favorite assault because she’s so satisfying to use. Sorry Torvald, but not even landing a mortar blast can compete with the feeling of racking up that combo meter with rhythmic punches. The damage is pretty solid, too :smiley_cat:


yup. i also use her. i use jetpack recharge though as i can not only stay in distance if needed, but i can dodge more frequently too.

also, i have no problems against wraiths. they melt rather quickly. gorgons are a little more harder to hit sometimes, but they melt real well.

this is highly debatable. Without perks/mastery/buffs:

Lennox’s lance is pure damage and can go up to 208 Average Dps
Parnell’s shotgun without super soldier is 178 Average Dps (can increase of decrease based on aim)
Parnell’s shotgun with super soldier is 301 average Dps (can increase or decrease based on aim)
Torvald’s Mortars are pure damage at the fastest/best rate is 120 Average Dps

because mortars and lance are pure damage, they are unaffected by limb reduction (50% less damage). however also dont get critspots (100% bonus damage). but, when looking at body damage (pure damage). Parnell’s shot gun reins supreme as long as at least 70% of his pellets hits the monster during supersoldier which is a 14sec period. or if a parnell gets slightly over 1/3 of his pellets to hit a critspot constantly. Otherwise, Lennox is the burstiest. She is simply hard to play/moderate to counter.

actually not true. her autocannon is more effective than both the mortars and rockets.

Autocannon average dps: 187.5
Mortar Average (best) dps: 120
Multi-Fire Rocket Launcher Average Dps: 82.5 (143 during super soldier)


Picks Lennox

Monsters fly high.

Wraith hides in clouds with snare
Kraken laughs and laughs and laughs.
Goliath hits her with a rock in the face
Gorgon climbs to reaches unseen only to puke n pouns
Behemoth just ignores her and sleeps in the corner.


Arrrr who be letting out such a beast?


They are more bursty. Torvald and parnell can empty a clip with the shotguns in the time it takes a goliath to pick up a rock and throw it. Lennox needs to build a combo and you can’t get to the max damage before that goliath either jumps away or turns that rock your way and kills your combo. You like to throw numbers around I’ve noticed which I really like but your math means squat during an actual fight. Of course I can see that my own argument can be thrown right back at me, everything in this game is situational which is why i see lennox as a mix between reliable consistent damage and bursts of high damage with the difference mostly decided by what monster your fighting. Against goliath and behemoth she is more consistent but with kraken, wraith and gorgon she is more burst damage