Is Lazarus worthless?


Is it me or is Lazarus just a really bad medic? His ability to heal the team is horrible and once you knock someone down its just a matter of baiting him into going after the body.

Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum is Caira. Who can just tank any damage by shooting at her feet and if a Hank is on the team with her? No one is gonna die without a supernova.


yes 10char


Laz is only good when you are playing solo or are against a monster that isn’t thinking of baiting him


Any monster past level 10 will know to bait him.


Meanwhile, in Rescue…


Making laz as you said completely worthless


This is where laz shines


The core mode is Hunt, any other mode isn’t really taken seriously.

Laz in high tier play is possible but extremely risky since he’s countered very well.


No. Laz is good if you know how to properly play him. Good Lazarus aren’t going to be baited. The problem is 90% of Laz’ don’t know how to be patient, or how to properly coordinate with their team when it’s time to get the revive.


Goliath will just elbow drop the body.

Wraith will cloak eat the body.

Kraken will just do Kraken things(land mines, Orbital bombardment)


This- whilst the monster is camping (using the term lightly as the better monster won’t sit on top of the corpse) the rest of the team should be going all out dps. Once the dps convinces him to move then laz can go in for a res. if there are two people down it gets easier if the corpses are more than 10 metres from each other


I like how my opinion changed through time.

First the concept makes it slightly confusing and he starts feeling OP.
Then you learn to bait him or flush him out and he starts feeling UP.
Then you start getting around more patient Lazarus players and your mind about him being UP starts changing.

I think he is fairly well balanced. Perhaps my mind will change in time, idk.


It’s just you.


Laz is one of the most formidable healer if used correctly. I only join a game if my gf, my brother or or I play as laz,

95% laz players I have encountered on PS4 = 1. morons who play med as sniper class and only care to do their pew pew 0.1% dps which I don’t know why and these meatheads most likely never noticed they have healing ability 70% laz players 2. only started healing after monster encounters, when alot members are at 20% 50%,hp before the fight, it always come too late and too slow. 20% players 3. or slow healers underestimate their healing range, and always fail to use the weaponry of laz - rez in full health. little tip, you have to use it often and fast, your AOE healing range is longer than you think. 5% laz players.

Usually if I spot laz player on my team is any of the 3, I quit instantly. I know this team is not gonna make it, even when encounter a bad monster. so no, Lazarus isn’t worthless, most of his players are.


If your Lazarus is good, he’s insane. If he’s a dumb, yeah he’s useless. Depends on the player behind the controller.


Laz is good, but could use a buff to his survivability.
Think about this:
If a good monster want the medic dead, the medic will be dead. But Laz will die slower than Val because of his cloak and shorter heal burst.
Laz can easly heal with his heal burst, so his out of combat healing is just as good as Val’s.
So Caira would be the only option that might be better than Laz, from an objective standpoint.

Now, the trick with Laz is to have a team that can punish body camping and distract the monster.
My buddies and I play as Lazarus(Me), Cabot(To punish body camping if the assault dies first), Griffin(To take aggro off Laz and making kiting much easier) and any assault, usually Markov. We win most of our fights, because we are all equally punishing when left alive, leaving the monster unnable to focus one of us.
However, I do not think Laz need a specific team composition to be effective.


He’s not good in high level play because he’s an outright glass cannon.


Not worthless, but very different and more easily hard countered. The other medics don’t have that “Lol, I make you my bitch” easy strat that Laz has, but he can also shift the tide in the hunters favor if played well. That being said, his main healing ability is the revive, not the burst.


If the monster is quick on the feeding, Laz is useless. You only have to eat one of the little blue bars and they can’t be rezzed. So all the minster needs to do is rock throw the humans away just for a second.

With along coordinated team Laz can make the game hell for the monster. In a pug group that doesn’t want to use a mic he’s not too great.


Lazarus is pretty balanced imo.

A monster need to sacrifice quite a few things in order to “bait” him. Camping the body isn’t that effective when there are 2-3 more hunters trying to eff you up.