Is Lazarus Mastery supposed to be like this?


I was working towards my lazarus mastery, third star, when I realized that the “in a single match” ones (Revivify 3 team mates and cloak revive 2) doesn’t stack in a single match. I notcied this when I revived 9 teammates and cloak revived 4, when I got 1 point in EACH mastery. Meaning, it would take at least 25 matches without the app, and I rarely got a chance to revive more than a couple times, outside of rescue (Which thank god for rescue btw). I was wondering if it was supposed to let you earn more than one point or not.


I believe you’re only meant to get one per match but yeah, thats ones annoying. When I was going for three star mastery in the beta I couldn’t get it because the monsters weren’t actually downing anyone, and thats with laz as the healer.

Apparently there was meant to be an update for masteries to make them easier to get, but was accidentally not put in before launch so it should be put in soon. I imagine that this will lower the number of revives you need so you don’t have to grind as much


You sure? I did the math, if the average game last 12 minutes, and you need 25, it should take 5 hours, assuming of course the monster doesn’t focus laz, and your teammates eat enough damage to go down >3 times. Just doesn’t seem to me like mastery should be based on having a bad monster or bad teammates.


Since we are talking about Lazarus, can someone tell me why I would ever want to stealth revive a creature other than Daisy? It was not hard to do, just get a few while looking for the Monster, but… Why?


Not sure of which ones were included in it (its been a while since i saw the changed masteries ), but if the average game is 12 mins than 5 hours of grinding seems more like a minimum because it does require you to get this for every game which is very unlikely (with the exception of rescue), so perhaps only a slight budge to the number needed.

I’m not really fussed though, I’m planning on maining laz so it’s only a matter of time


I think creatures includes the hunters, its just a wider spectrum so its easier to farm


I can confirm that this is not the case. I revived many Hunters, but the only one who actually was counted was Daisy. I farmed up my this mastery by killing creatures, stealthing, and then reviving them. It was easy enough to do, but its just a silly thing to do, unless there is some kind of mechanic I don’t know of.


I got laz mastered and now I’m working on caira, and the speed boost three star also says “In a single match” but I got 2 points in one match which makes me think the lazarus one is a bug. :[


Perhaps Turtlerock purposely did this to really emphasize how difficult achieving character mastery is. However, I do think that making this stackable would be best.


If you defeat one of the larger elite wildlife you should bring it back to life to not allow an easy perk for the monster. Thi actually goes for any elite wildlife, but more so the stronger/larger.


That makes sense, but even then, why would I need to stealth to do it? Nevermind though, it was easy to get, I just think its completely out of place and not something a player should focus on. Just my opinion.


Maybe if you’re close enough to a monster you can stealth in and resurrect his kill before he eats it. I know that’s thinking outside the box big time, but that’s another thing.

Or in a dome if you want to resurrect something and need to sneak to it so he doesn’t replenish armor inside.


Are you sure? Cloak reviving teammates seemed to count for me when I was going through Lazarus to unlock Caira. Pretty sure it did for my brother too when I was watching one of his games (over his shoulder, so I got to see the stats at the end).


I am 100% certain. It said to stealth revive creatures, and the Hunters did not count as creatures. It did work on Daisy, though. I farmed this up by killing one or two things at the start, and stealth reviving.


I’ve checked and I was able to unlock Caira without razzing a single non hunter, so sounds like it’s a bug on one of our ends, and since it also worked like this in the beta and for the guy above I imagine it’s got to do with your game.


To be fair, I heard a 3GB patch was meant to be implemented on day 1, and I do remember getting a 3GB download. From what I’ve seen and heard, I half think I’m on the wrong version for some unknown reason. At the very least, I know I had to do it for one of the masteries, and I asked my team what the point was. It could be a level 2 or 3 mastery, I guess, and for the life of me I could not figure out what the point of it was.


Yeah Beravin is talking about 1 star to unlock Caira…not 2 and 3 star, which have completely different mastery goals.