Is laz still op

I was playing a game of evolve and no one plays val or slim they are great medic but it’s all about Laz ok I get it he is a cool medic but he is just there to be a jerk I know I sound one side and people are going to say will you must suck at monster but just think about it is Laz op

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I get lots of Val, a little Caira and quite a bit of Laz. Laz is very beneficial, especially since Jack can help keep him safe a bit.

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He’s never been OP. He’s usefulness entirely depends on the skill of the monster.


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Hes not OP, hes just annoying as shit and not super fun to fight against imo.


Laz OP, please. If you fight against hardcore Laz, sure, you have to smarter him, what isnt hard, bait him, and cloak is hardly a big advatange. And there are much more bad Lazaruses than those very good ones. And bad Laz is worse than Val.

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he just goes against the flow of the game , is Hyper stressful to play against if he is good and anti fun . i dont understand why hes in 2/3rd of all matches . Its funny most people will say he isnt good but everyone plays him . i dont like that he has a cloak kinda boring to play against as he copied the supports important tool . hes pretty broken in the sense He is op vs new monsters but up vs veterans .

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Will thanks for sharing your thoughts

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I for one think he might be OP. He is the only medic who’se healing doesnt suffer when he is being focused or when he is kiting. Plus the cloak has way too short of a cool down now forcing you to body camp way too much.

What a lot of people in this thread don’t understand is laz isn’t OP nor is he UP. Lazarus unlike any other medic is high risk high reward. Teams that take a risk and deal with his downfalls, tend to get rewarded with almost being immortal. But once laz is down…that’s pretty much GG for the hunters.

Not op not up… He is just high risk high reward.

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Psst you forgot with reload speed perk equipped and camping outside dome to heal team is annoying

I have noticed ppl camping outside of dome with Laz. Can he really heal from outside the dome?!

Yes yes he can and its annoying as hell when he does

@FengShuiEngine well is he?

I guess. I mean…what a pansy…

That Kraken made me internally rage :frowning: who voted yes?