Is Kraken the only viable Defend monster?


So far I’ve only lost 2 games of Defend, both against Krakens. 1 game he had auto balance and 1 game we did. He’d just long range float in the air against the Generator while we layed into his armor. Any time his armor ran out we would chase him but we always had to fall back as the minions spawned. The one where we had the advantage we got him to 2 bars, can’t remember in the one where monster had advantage.

Seems like Kraken is the only one that has an easy time in Defend. What’s other peoples experiences?


I don’t know that he’s the only viable choice, but he’s perhaps the best one. Kiting FTW.


I personally dislike Goliath since it’s harder to get that health damage on him because of that bigger armour bar, but that migh b because I prefer killing the monster to other methods (such as holding them off long enough) because I’m not as good at them


I’ve won as all three and yes kraken is the best, good goliath players can also do surprisingly well in the right hands but its still just a shadow of what kraken can do and then there’s wraith. . . He’s not really cut for this mode currently, I found the best strategy as wraith was kill hunters and let minions deal with the generators while I’m abducting, dragging around and otherwise playing with the hunters but I imagine turtlerock will balance this out down the line so he doesn’t suck so bad at defend but to answer your question, not quite, their all getting played and they all work in defend its just some are clearly better then others


Kraken’s definitely THE strongest monster for Defend, but it’s not an impossible situation. The times I’ve won against Kraken is usually the result in either my group doming when he’s about to run out of armor + bringing the fight to Kraken or securing a choke point right after the generator and just not letting him or the minions through. The biggest thing I’ve noticed that makes a huge difference is whether or not the trapper domes both the monster player and the minions away from the relay. The less time they get to hit that generator, the closer you’ll be to victory.

As for the viability of other monsters? Goliath is DEFINITELY a good monster. He may not be able to pull out maximum cheese like the Kraken, but he can sure as hell burst down those turrets. As for Wraith? It’s definitely the ultimate challenge. The few times I made progress with Wraith is by picking off one hunter at a time and then going in with warp blast/abduct to damage the turrets. When I win a Defend round with Wraith, I’ll get back to you on it. I’ll get it sooner or later… !