Is Kraken OP?


Just wanting to gauge what people think about Kraken. I don’t think its attacks are OP, but the fact that, by flying, it can avoid the weapons of almost any hunter with a shotgun, Markovs mines and Lightning gun, Hydes flamethrower and grenades, buckets sentries, Torvalds mortar, just makes it seem like there needs to be something to balance Kraken. Maybe its just me, but I feel like the ability for Kraken to send out “melee” attacks while in the air seems kind of ridiculous. I just think Kraken should have to be on the ground to use melee attacks, and in the air it can use its abilities and become more difficult to hit/avoid a lot of the short ranged attacks (which are really common). Am I crazy for thinking this?


Not at all, mate. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, hes just broken atm, once hes bugs get squashed he’ll be level again ^.^


For what we have now… .nerf Val + Sunny + Griffin and maybe i will accept a Kraken nerf.


He is bugged, which make him overpowered. Once those are fixed, he will be just fine.
Unless they break lightning strike by reducing the drag effect, making it un-dodgeable.
Not impossible, considering it have happened twice already. :stuck_out_tongue:



In my opinion, Kraken needs to have his lightning strike attack damage reduced by about 1.5% to 2.5%.


Neff val when she needed the buffs…yea no


Not Val, just the combo.


How would you nerf a combo? Lol


Kraken needs its glitch fixed and needs a nerf stupid how it can win at stage 1 no monster should be able to aside from behemoth


Goliath and Wraith can win S1 to with good strats, any monster can ^.^


Nope but he’s got some bugs that need to be fixed.


I just want trapper to stop feeling like a weaker Assault in the dome.


No, he just wrecks Lazarus with his air melees. And all Assault’s short range weapons are neglected.


I find that how long a kraken can stay airborn can be a bit ridiculous. All of the assaults focus on short ranged combat, which is impossible to do with the kraken in the air for the entire length of the dome. With so few options to get the kraken on the ground, the amount of time it can stay in the air seems a bit ridiculous


I’m the opposite side of this spectrum. His flighty movements while dodging make aiming hard for me lol Can’t get into the rhythm :stuck_out_tongue: So My Kraken play sucks D: I planned to play quite a few matches this weekend, but I just can’t get into him. So I only did a few and lost them all lol (Sorry Lazarus Men, no one picked Laz!)


Not OP at all. “OP” is something made up by people who can’t accept losing.


So if there was a monster
That could kill hunters
In on melee
Had infinite amounts of armor/health
And could teleported wherever it wanted
It wouldn’t be OP?


This sounds like regular expert wraith play on random pub teams :stuck_out_tongue: