Is Kraken Faster on Foot or Air


As the title explains, which is it?


As of his current state I’d say flying.

But with movement speed buff Kraken seem to feel like he’s moving faster on the ground. So there’s that.


Ya, I’m debating if I should fly only in combat then, he really feels like he moves faster when walking with that speed perk.


Does the movement speed perk not affect him while flying ?


You can really tell, his animation doesn’t really give any indication, unlike walking and crouching. You REALLY notice the difference when your sneaking and just running.


It effects him yes, but maybe because by default he moves faster on the ground. Kraken only moves fast with an air burst, basic flying is still slower than running.


over terrain you need to climb or vault, flying is faster.

In combat, flying keeps you mobile during lightning strike, where stationary on ground, and is better to land the dive bomb AOE.


Well when crossing an arc field…

Go Figure


No it dosent since flight code was changed macman even said so. Without movement speed perk you move faster while flying its not so much thow. With the 35% movement speed perk you walk faster then you fly(cause it dosent affect flying) havent tested if you are already faster with the 20% perk though.

Does movement speed perks speed up Kraken while he is in the air?

No perk doesn’t give him more speed on air.It used to but now not.So you pick speed perk and beside the bursts you need to be on the ground to be faster


When exactly did they change it?


should have been in 2.0


He feels WAY faster on the ground @_@


If someone has a lot of time on their hands, start a solo game and try running/flying from one side to the other with run and traversal perks, compare and get back to us.


I find he feels faster in the air, but that’s not hard data, that’s just an observation.


I think it was 2 patches ago.

Our monster used to run speed perk in ESL’s but right now its not worth it if you can’t get it while flying.


If he’s faster on the ground it’s only marginally faster, at least without movement speed. So unless you can run in an absolutely straight line from point A to B, flying will almost always be faster since it allows you to move in a relatively straight line rather than going around/climbing terrain.


Dayum, I think I’ll try out stamina increased again.

I guess the kraken guy I was playing with the other day was a cheater than, asshole said he was using the MS perk. But I play Kraken like a lot and I know and others as well that he was flying faster than normal despite being tranqed and stasis the majority of the game. What was stupid was that his ability cooldown is faster than normal so that didn’t fool anyone.