Is Kala the Next Monster?


So we have all hear the drop ship conversations, but the ones involving Kala seem to be telling more of a story.In one instance we are told she is changing rapidly.Well what does this mean? Could Kala be the next monster,well what do you guys think?


Kala won’t be the next Monster. I can guarantee that. This is because a plethora of reasons.

  • Wouldn’t make sense.

  • Wouldn’t be canonical.

  • She would be killed the instant she turns.

  • Wouldn’t be logical or feasible to do.

  • Too much work.

  • Etc.


That’s why it’s speculation.


See the above edit. She won’t be I can guarantee that, I won’t stop you from theorizing or speculating though.


Alrighty then.


He’s right, you know.


If there’s a sequel, there could be a monster that is based off of what Kala did to herself, a humanoid-hybrid calamity that had Kala as a patient zero. That could be a thing. However, in THIS game, not Kala herself. Imagine, Kala vs. the… uh… Kala-mity.

“Well, clearly I have crossed some dimensional precedent that makes me transcendent, to exist in multiple ways in a shared reality…” The techno-babble would reach heights previously unseen.


You sir/mam make good argument


Tis one of my unnamed points. I congratulate you for not being as lazy or sleepy as I am currently to have written that out.



Her body… Is hosting monster HNA… KALA HOST MONSTER CONFIR-
No but, wouldn’t that be cool…


Oh, and before I forget

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