Is kala receiving any major change in TU09?


I’ve always felt like kala needs some big change to make her more viable and new player friendly. Let’s be honest here kala is completely unplayable with randoms, your allies won’t even try to use your portals when they are in danger, and even if they try most of the time what happens is that the monster destroys the portal with 1 ranged ability before your ally comes even close to reaching it. Most players don’t even know how to position the portals correctly.
It’s just way too hard to use her for new players and casuals, it requires too much coordination to be viable with randoms.
I’m sure that in high level matches where everyone uses the mic she can be somewhat decent, but she’s still inconsistent imo, when it comes to defensive supports kala is the worst choice you can make, hank and sunny are simply superior in any case.

The developers have said multiple times that with the new update they want to make the game less toxic and more new player friendly. Well, kala needs a complete overhaul if you want to make her casual friendly and also more viable in ranked matches.


Except kala isn’t a defensive support. She’s offense all the way.

All offensive supports are harder to do well with in randoms, because of the lack of any shielding. TU9 should change that


Yea I heard people say she is too defensive but I use the portals to chase the monster, she is totally offensive


Did they say almost nothing in the game would be untouched?

I know this could mean a few small changes to Kala, but we can hope.


The only change I know of is the tele pads health increase to 90 which IMO is still too low but its a start I guess. Personally, I think they should be around 130?


hahaha this reminds me of when my squad and I played with Kala at launch…

but i think there are some things (like better explaining HOW to use Teleporters) that can be improved. Dare I say, but right now I think Kala is the MOST BALANCED SUPPORT!!!


Fun stuff.


She’s 100% offensive. Yes she has defensive capabilities but she’s by far an offensive support :joy:


I wish they’d make it taller so you could jetpack into them


The argument can be made she’s not neither offensive or defensive.

Armor Reducer = Offensive

Missiles = Offensive and Defensive (can be placed in areas to dissuade Monsters)

Teleporter Pads = More Mobility than anything. Can be used for better positioning in Offensive and Defensive ways.


They arent touching her all that much in this patch


Lmfao good job Zep


I think more of 170. Kraken’s ranged attack deals 150 and I don’t think it should be destroyed after 1. However, if you play against Kala, Maggie, Markov and Emet, you really dont want to spend more than one melee attack to destroy them with anything but Kraken.

Solution? New Suggestion I just came up with: Snowballs can be thrown twice as fast, but only deal half damage.

@LordDeath @Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl Is it too late to make Kraken have more snowballs at lower damage for TU09 (reason being deployables not being destroyed instantly)? For example 80 damage every .45 seconds. (I believe it is 150 every .95 seconds currently).


I love her mines. Like its very good and I like it… PLS don’t nerf…

yea, the portals are just for your benefit. Randoms don’t ever use it, even when in trouble.

The armor reducer, could be a little better, maybe it reduces quicker, and Kala says “Attack Now” every time she uses it


Half the damage being dealt twice as fast means kraken is still destroying them basically as fast as he is currently capable of- doesn’t sound like a huge change there?

On the flip side his average snowball damage on the high end stands a chance of going up. youd have to have twice as many misses for it to average out- And I’m doubtful the miss rate would go up in proportion.

It’s also worth noting that snowballs have a staggering effect to them- and trip up the hunter just a smidgen. Now you’re throwing out twice as many, which is another variable thatd need a lot of tweaking.

And having to click around twice a second every second the entire time during your engagements to maintain damage sounds super annoying lol


Totally offensive dude, Teleporters are great on the chase missiles are rapid fire damage and reducing shield to get in big damage. But i guess I can see a defensive argument, but I think she kinda sucks for defense.


The only real way to have defense is to have protection. I look at a castle being attacked, and if something can hold back the attack, is thus defensive. Kala Teles cannot holdback the monster, but simply relocate a person on that castle, so it is defensive, but not combat defensive. Thus Kala is Offensive.


I did not think about that. Though I would say, that it has to go anyways. Staggering should come from abilities and heavys.

That’s the downside if you write down your ideas just as you have them: You dont think things through. What you have to consider, is that currently you launch one snowball in the direction of a deployable and you can forget it and focus on the actual Hunters again. If you would need two snowballs, you would have to focus on it for about half a second, generally they would distract Kraken longer.

That is a very good point. Connecting this back to the topic, it is also my major issue with Kala, when the armor is broken, all you do is spam missiles. That gets annoying really fast. (Similar to Jack or the old Slim). What I would do is decrease the fire rate by 50% (from 150 RPM to 75 RPM, which is what Caira has), add the queuing effect and fine tune some damage and reload times.

Again, new idea: What if you were to do that to Kraken? If his Snowballs would deal 240 damage every 1.5 seconds, he would

  • have the same damage output
  • be less click-spammy (though .95 is not really spammy)
  • loose more DPS from destroying deployables (which other Monsters do much more than he does)
  • still need 2 snowballs to destroy the Shield Drone (250 health). Like that, the time he needs to destroy it is much closer to the other Monsters
  • have more trouble destroying Harpoons before they pull him down.


I think you are right about this. But Kraken does not really need a higher margin between high end and low end, which is why I think it should be reversed, so that the average snowball damage of different skill levels is closer together.

@LordDeath Can you take a look at this? (Some day I WILL annoy you with this :stuck_out_tongue: )


Honestly my only real complaint personally about krakens snowballs is their unlimited range. Even if it took the same time to destroy in the sense that he has to spend x amount of time on auto attacks to destroy things, its still largely to his benefit- Because he can destroy them from anywhere in LoS. All of the other monsters have to essentially waste an ability, or get up close to it, melee it down, and then get back onto what theyre doing- Which to do quickly, means they have to use traversals, either to it, from it, or both- Which gives the hunters a lot of time to predict exactly where the monster is going, and punish it along the way with damage/cc, set up at a new location, get out heals, let abilities on cooldown, actually cooldown, and if the monster does use traversals to do it quickly theyve limited their mobility resources afterwards to continue to apply focus, etc. Where as kraken can go +Turn. pew pew pew. Turn back to target, business as usual+.

It also readily allows kraken to keep targets down in LoS from 100+ meters away- Which is one of my biggest overall complaints about kraken next to banshee tumbling.

To make it worse, the image of the snowball drops after about 60 meters (ballpark. i havent tested it in awhile and cant recall the exact), meaning hunters can be (and probably will be by higher end krakens) hit by invisible snowballs. With the radius they explode at, kraken doesnt even need to be super accurate- you have about a 6 meter bubble right now I believe (down from the 8 it used to be, so thats better at least) to keep preventing pick ups from almost any range.

Id love to see his Snowballs range limited to around the range of markovs lightning gun- This way in order to dish out continual auto-attack damage, hed have to (more likely) be in range of the assaults- Like all of the other monster. Id also like to see a range limit on his actual abilities as well- But definitely dont feel theyd have to be as close- Just enough that kraken cant easily escape a dome with a target down, and easily turn it into a kill from 70+ meters away.

I think changing this and ironing out the banshee tumble lock would go a LONG way to reducing some of the frustrating mechanics kraken is capable of which might help how he feels to fight at a high level as well as in pubs.


Kala is a high pressure offense support.

The pads and armor reducer provide pleasure for the monster to keep moving and on their toes. But the reducer is very situational.

The Missiles can do big damage and great for anti-feeding.

Sadly though, she doesn’t do her job well. Everything she does, every other support can do better and an easier job at it with added utility.

The Hanks are better at keeping people up, which in turn makes for everyone doing more damage.
Bucket still does more damage. Cabot as well with the added utility of the amp and tracker.
Sunny is well. She’s Sunny, we don’t need to go down that path. Not again. :disappointed_relieved:

So far we only know that she’ll be getting a slight health increased for her pads :laughing: and throw range in the MP, in the TU all supports are getting their own shields.

Kala is also filling a role closer to Cabot from the whiteboard TRS shared the other week. So she’s likely getting some damage buffs along with that shield.

Maybe we might even go “KALA OP! TRS NERF THIS UNMENTIONABLE YOU LAZY UNMENTIONABLES!! After the update. Who knows?