Is Kala a good support?


Ok, so Kala is… Well she’s difficult. I’ve seen some nice Kala play but I’m here to voice my opinion. Kala is garbage. Now don’t get mad at me, yes I think Kala’s abilities are pretty sweet and her design is amazing! But Kala as a support is just a disgrace.

Kala’s mines are pretty decent I guess, they deal little damage but they can be spammed really easily and can be a nuisance with the tracking ability. Her teleport pads? Ok they are good but you really need to know how to use them. To a new player Kala is defiantly not a good support. To Veteran Players, Kala is a really good support. Her armour reducer is really useful, only if your assault is good. If your playing with players who don’t have mics then your screwed.

Now Kala can be amazing if you have team coordinaton and if you know how to use her. But if your me, she is bad. Once you get the armor down your stuck and Your down a ability. Now your stuck with the boring mines. Just endless spam. Yes you have the pads but like I said. You need team coordinaton. Now before you get mad, Kala is a great support only if you know how to use her.

What about your opinions? Is Kala good or bad?


So, you’re basically saying that she’s only useful if the team knows how to use her? Well, yeah. That’s how it is. That’s how the offensive Supports are. It’s why people never pick them in public matches.

I don’t get the point of this, though. What are you asking for? For Kala to be simplified and “useful” in low tier/pubs? Where is the conversation? You’re leaving no suggestions and only complaining that she’s useless if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is the case with most of the characters.

Not getting mad in any way, but I’m completely confused. You’re just complaining that you can’t use her because she requires skill to play.

If you even admit that her moves are cool and useful when a skilled player has her, then how is she bad in any way? If you’re adamant in thinking she’s bad, what suggestions do you have to improve her for less-skilled players or for public matches?


My point is, is that I’m pretty much ranting about Kala. Like I said she’s confusing and is hard to pin point if she’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


Well, do you want to make it a discussion? You can edit the original post to add suggestions or ask opinions, but as it stands, rant threads just crowd the forums and usually get moved pretty quickly.


There I edited it. I want to know people’s opinions on Kala

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Just went back and re-read my stuff. I apologize if my posts read like I am an asshole. I usually try to keep that in check. I just wasn’t certain what this post was for and you’re new so I didn’t want it to be closed because you didn’t know about rant threads.

Not sure if you’ve gotten this yet, but welcome to the forums. Again, sorry for coming off rough.


I :heart: Kala, and I think she’s in a better place balance wise than most of the other Supports.


She is my favorite support. Perhaps her armor reducer could use a small capacity buff, but other than that she’s pretty balanced imo. Oh and her third star mastery on her teleporter is really annoying.

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Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with Kala. Of course she works differently than other supports, but she’s a great support once you learn how to use her effectively

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Kala unlike the other supports does not fall under the category of defensive or offensive thus makes her one of a kind. Kala is what I like to call a passive support.

What I mean by this is Hank shields, that’s his main thing, shield and orbital whenever it’s off cooldown, that makes him defensive; Bucket has AoD, he does heavy damage and primarily focuses the Monster over teammates, this makes him offensive; Cabot has a damage booster, he has to focus on both Hunter and Monster alike but primarily Monster since he must know when to amp and when not to as well as where to use his dust tag to help his team find the Monster; this makes him offensive; Sunny has a shield drone and jetpack booster, she almost always worries about her teammates making her heavily defensive.

Kala has a very different kit, Kala has elements of Cabot with the armor reducer and also elements of Bucket too (I’ll get to that later) but also has a tool that can be used extremely offensively or defensively. She doesn’t deal too much damage but she doesn’t help the defensive capabilities of the team either. Her teleporters are what make her incredibly unique as they can be used as a trapping tool, an assault tool, an ambush tool, an escape tool, a repositioning tool, etcetera.

She doesn’t do well on her own but she doesn’t act like other supports. The team is what makes or breaks Kala more so than any other support as unlike other Supports, to be played effectively Hunters must keep an eye on yet another element of battle.

Similar to Bucket and knowing where his turrets are so you can lead a Monster into heavy damage, with Kala you must always know where her portals are, where you’ll end up if you go through, who you might screw over if you force the 15 second cooldown by using it, who may need it more, where the Monster is, etcetera. If you do not keep tabs of all situations of it then you might get medic killed or you might accidentally teleport 200 meters away from the dome because you didn’t notice that Kala hadn’t replaced the second pad yet.

Kala is very passive, she helps the team in a lot more ways than one, she helps Trapper gain map coverage, she helps Medics escape scary situations, she helps Assaults get into those same hairy situations, etcetera. She can be played offensively but then shift to be defensive at a moment’s notice unlike other Supports. She requires a lot environmental awareness, much more than other Supports. This is what makes or breaks her in a game and that is why she doesn’t appear as effective as other Supports. People just aren’t used to that extra level of awareness that they must have in order to succeed.

This sums up my feelings and views on Kala as I don’t agree with the “Defensive” or “Offensive” mindsets on Kala as presented in @TrickshotMcgee’s post (Not saying it’s wrong or anything)


I loved this response and now I understand Kala more. She was a bit confusing to me but now I get how diffult it is to play her. Thank you!


Kala is good if there is a team that works together, communicates and have trained to play with a Kala support.

That being said I am personally tired of seeing people playing Kala in public matches and I always ask people kindly to switch support because it never works out in public matches.

In most cases it ends up with everyone dead and Kala teleporting through the pads until the game is lost one way or the other.

To sum it up. Kala is a good support in a good cooperative team.
Kala+Pubs = Death


Glad to see it helps. Kala’s teleporters are to me, the centerpoint of the character. Without proper teleportation usage she’s as good as useless as the armor reducer, while awesome in concept, doesn’t do much for you unless you wouldn’t have broken through the armor otherwise.

[S]I’ll link a video for what is perhaps my most favorite use of her teleporters.[/S]
Scratch that, can’t find it in my video files.

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I’d like to see higher Health value on her teleport . 1 melee attack shouldn’t be enough to destroy it

Her sirens does too much of damage . It can be toned down

Other than that she is fairly balanced IMO


She is good but pretty hard to get used to her, by agree with the guy above me! Health buff to her teleport pads!! :grin:


I’ve always seen her as more offensive, simply because her damage is consistently high and the Reducer is an active F-you to the Monster. The Teleports can be used either way, as an escape/mitigation or chase tool, so that could go either way IMO.

Still, good to see another perspective. Hadn’t thought of it that way.


I really like her and think she has a lot of potential so far kala works best with laz.

If we go an active medic we will most likely lose because my teammates won’t use the teleport pads in time or they will use it when it too late when they have 25% health left.

They still haven’t got used to kala yet I really wish they would she is so awesome and i bet she would be viable to play with.

they just have to be very aware of where the teleport pads are and I mean a lot more.

Best comp with kala IMO is kala/rouge Val/Lennox/Hyde/jack/griffin

If its with laz then it will be Hyde/kala/Lazarus/any trapper


No, armor reducer is totally useless, and teleport pads aren’t that effective.
Siren mines are good though.

I’d say Kala is worse than Cabot and better than Bucket.
But using the teleport pads is fun. XD


Kala isn’t even remotely pub-friendly, that’s why she’ll always seem less effective.
The only time I personally agree with that is when people pick her in Arena. That’s just silly.


If u play in a good Team kala can be a Pain

A long time ago i hv play against a great Kala as Gorgon. I hv lose 3 Bars of health on Stage 1 because of the Armor Reducer but im Happy i won that Match ( my closest Gorgon Match ever )

Kala + Markov ( Savior of the Colonists ) + Jack is a Sick Combo O.O