Is join in progress good for the game?


To answer my question I’d say yes but only under certain conditions. I’m not sure about you guys but I’m a little sick of being thrown in games where half the hunter team is down and die shortly afterwards. JIP is a great idea if they allow it for the first say 2 minutes of the game. Problem is I’m consistently getting thrown in 8 or 9 minutes in or worse right before the monster is about to win. Just hoping a change comes at some point where It’s only during the first 2 minutes max.

I don’t have a team to roll with always and I think it would improve matchmaking. It seemed like common sense to me but I’m sure it’s more complex than my tiny brain can imagine. Thanks TRS the game is awesome still!


Most of the times, being thrown into a game in progress is a very unpleasant experience.

As a hunter :

  • In the best case you are forced to play a hunter that you did not choose and don’t even know what your perk is. If you are dropped into the game early enough and do not start with strikes, it’s a lesser evil.

  • In the worst case, you are thrown in with two strikes, have no clue what’s going on and how your team is faring. Note that you can even be thrown dead into a game. I don’t like leaving games, but when I get thrown into a dead bot and SHOULD wait almost 2 mins to even spawn into the game, do you expect me to stay or go back to the lobby and take a 1 min penalty?

As a monster, it’s almost universally bad.

You don’t know which hunters you will face, which perk you have, in which part of the jungle you have already fed … You can lose precious seconds getting your bearings and once you meet the hunters for the first time, lose even more time to see who you are facing (Is there a Lazzie, a Hank? Are they dps oriented or will they outlast you)

And they key part is that, most of the time, leavers leave when they are losing. So the likelihood or you joining the losing side are just so much higher.

As a solo player, I’m thrown into games in progress all the times and I know that my first gaming experience on any session is likely to be bad because of this.

I really love evolve, having a blast playing the game, but the abysmal matchmaking system, combined with premade rules and role priorities are not what I would expect from a game that calls itself AAA.


no it is not and it should go, or at least be turned off.