Is its true, that we will see the next patch (or macropatch) only in summer?


I heared that nearest patch comes only in summer. Is it true? (sry for my eng)


We don’t know when the next patch (the macropatch), will be released, but it will come before summer. If I had to guess, late April.

The next Title Update that will leave no aspect of the game untouched is being released in the summer, which is anywhere from May to August.

To clarify, the Macropatch and Title Update are two separate patches. The MP will have minor tweaks to charactets while the TU focuses on whole mechanics of the game.


Yeap, thx for your answer. I`ve just relax :slight_smile:


When you say “macro patch” are you referring to the title update? Or are you typo’ing on “Micro patch”?

The “Micro patch” which updates ver 8 of the game (which were on now), will be released “soon™”

The “Macro patch”, or TU9, is coming in summer- Which is shaping up to shake the games meta harder than any patch that has ever been released before hand.


he means micro
or maybe…he means meow?


The 8.0 micropatch has been deemed the macropatch by the devs, or atleast Cory.
Probably because it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, micropatch.

Other names for the micropatch include: 8.0 patch, 8.1, 8.5, MP, duct tape, or Stanley.


Yeah when we release the micropatch (macropatch) it’ll have a specific name for it, and a sub version like 8.1

Going forward we will be naming and doing a lot more around patches.


I would just like to take this moment and suggest we start naming each patch based around cats.
Milky Tail
The Meow Redemption

I have many more.


I think Stanley is a good name. [quote=“deanimate, post:8, topic:85661”]
WhiskersMilky TailPrrrSleeps4FoodThe Meow Redemption

I’d be fine with Whiskers too.

jokes aside, I’m interested to see what names you guys come up with. Maybe it’ll make naming “meta periods” easier in the Index.


Yeah I’m sure we’ll come up with some fun stuff. Whole idea is to make patches more interesting for the whole community and a lot easier to talk about instead of just “TU08”.


I like naming cats after name brand food products:


Where Stanley came from?


My cat’s name is Reeses.


Your cat looks like a chubbier version of my cat.
Unless that’s just the fur. .-.


When the summer title update comes out,l we shall call it

#MEOW strikes back


He’s slightly chubby. Mostly fur though.


I approve of title and most certainly of cat :slight_smile:


Well, since were bringing up cats


I love cats!!! So much personality in a furry little animal, mines old and slow and just likes to lay on my ps4 when I’m playing.

On topic tho I’m fine with waiting till summer for an TU I just hope and pray to god there will be new content, even two new hunt maps would be great.


August? I know it’s probably just speculation but Jesus. How long has it been since the last TU?