Is it worth rebuying terraria on X1


i have it on 360 but my 360 controlls are broken and keep dissconneting which usually get me killed and stuff so i was thinking of getting the x1 also i feel like replaying it

the music of the deciding


Isn’t terraria backwards compatible on xbox one? I might be confusing it with another game though. Check the ‘my games and apps’ section and go all the way right to see if it is under ‘ready to install’.

Do you have a digital copy or physical copy?


no ive checked its not there its 20 dollars its digital


Ok then. :slight_smile:

If you really do enjoy it then I’d say go for it. Depends how many hours you’d put into it and whether or not you’re willing to spend the money on it, but ultimately it’s up to you. :wink:


well i was thinking about the star wars dlc 2 and i dont know


If it was me I’d go for the star wars dlc, but that’s because I’ve never played terraria before. :smile:

My advise is to get whichever one you think you’ll use/enjoy the most. You could always get another 360 controller to play terraria as I’m sure that would be cheaper than buying the game again.


controlls are usually $25 i think while terraria is a 19,99 with tax


I’d still go star wars dlc. Besides, you might find that terraria comes up on games with gold next month. :wink:


plus you get Jabba’s palace, Greedo, a factory on Sullust, Nien Nunb, and tons of new weapons, Star Cards, and a new gamemode in the Star Wars DLC.

Terraria is essencially 2D minecraft but with guns and more stuff.


I wonder how does it play with a controller. I actually got tired of playing it with keyboard and mouse, it’s an awful way to control a game, especially a platformer. If they implemented a controller-only scheme for PC, I would play it more, to be honest.


its pretty good LB and RB are item switch
X to drop an item
Y for menus
A to jump
RT to hit
LT for grapple hooks


but terraria comes with like a million items and a loot of gameplay time


They should implement this in PC :frowning: