Is it weird that I have my snack list planned out?


Only recently paid off my loans, so I can’t afford any serious travel atm. Instead, I opted to take a small chunk of my vacation for release; 2/11-2/16. I haven’t pulled consecutive all-nighter sessions for quite some time , figured I should stock up. Here’s what I’ve got;

Several large bags of apples & mini-carrots to keep me going between sammiches.
One party-size bag of Sunchips (garlic ranch).
Two large bags of quality Gummy Bears for the evening sugar rush.
As many water bottles as I can borrow from my friends, filled and chilled.
A few packs of cider.
Bag of spicy beef jerky.

I think I’ve covered all the basics when I need to nom on something between matches and real foods. Two weeks and counting :slight_smile:


Whenever I plan for game binges I always buy a bunch of stuff, but I usually don’t eat anything because I’m too focused on playing :stuck_out_tongue: Plenty of soda, but hardly any food.


I’m not wanting to sound mean, but how do you eat and game at the same time? I have tried and never know when to take a bite without screwing everything up.



Don’t forget the frosted animal crackers. :cookie:


In competitive multiplayer, there is no good time to indulge during the match. You must pace yourself during map change, respawn, etc. Also have a entirely separate space to lay out snacks, and a roll of paper towels, minimizing contamination of your mouse & keyboard. Since I finally landed a steady gig, I haven’t done serious gaming sessions, but I’ve had a few in the past :wink:


All of my Evolve binges include a couple two liters of Dr Pepper, and the cups of noodles for a real food feel if I get terribly hungry!


My snack is the hopes and dreams of my enemies, and my drink is their tears.



Oh wow I haven’t had the glory that is frosted animal crackers in well over a decade… didn’t even know they still sold them.


Marshawn lynch and i never do anything serious unless a bag of skittles in nearby.


Are you calling them three meat snacks? If not, we need to talk.

Just kidding. :grin:

I would snack on goldfish during beta and eat four at a time, telling my friends I was the real monster devouring the Hunter team. It made for some laughs.


You need a more healthy diet, buddy.


But… Hopes, Dreams and tears. It’s what the body craves!


I’m all for Dr. Pepper (that and Sierra Mist are the only sodas I drink, real sugar ftw), but the ‘just add hot water’ noodle cups are not good substitute for real foods. Maybe once if you don’t want to go shopping or whatever, but replacing real foods during serious game time will just make you sluggish.


Minus the sodium, it’s not too bad!


Just one more thing proving why my loss at the end of the beta doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Reminded me of this:


I like Code Red, Bugles, Wheat Thins (Sundried Tomato and Basil variety) and some water bottles. Although, lately I’ve been on a Rockstar drink kick lately.


You also can’t go wrong with Andes mints :slight_smile: