Is it true there's a double damage bug with behemoth?


Is this a rumor or what?


His weakspot hitbox clips through his back


Did a dev say that?


What I have heard is that he is taking double normal damage, so x2 damage for normal hits and X4 damage for criticals, but I have yet to see this confirmed anywhere. So far it remains a rumor.


Yes, this is true and TRS is probably going to fix it soon, since they want people to want the new Monster.


No dev confirmation but i was getting 2x dmg shooting him in the back without val


Raw damage he takes the same as everyone else, I’ve tested it offline.

The problem is as said is that his weak spot is considerably larger than it appears.


No its not.
Wtf why are people confirming things which are literally not true.
Theire is a problem with the hitboxes YES

Getting double dmg as normal NO

Macman wrote this in the thread : rumors about behemoth or something like that.


Yeah everyone should know that the hitbox has problems and he can be critted e.g. while rolling. Something seems fishy about the damage he gets from wildlife, but I didnt have time to compare the result to other monsters. I don’t think he is critted by wildlife rather multi-hitted because I once lost half armor from a big monster brawl which seemed out of the norm a tiny bit.


I think he is also just so big that it is very easy to hit him with low-accuracy guns like the SMG and shotguns… So more shots connect and deal more damage.


This appears to be true. I’ve shot him from every angle, including when I couldn’t see his crit spot at all, but it still hits. His health melts because he’s taking double damage way too often.


There is a bug causing Behemoth to take double damage, plus hit crit box is so big it is poking through his back and sides, so pretty much almost anything that hits is a critical. It is supposedly going to be fixed in the Micro-Patch next week, as well as Behemoth getting an armor and health boost. I don’t have details, just remembered reading a reply about it.


I’m glad to hear we’re getting patches so fast. :]