Is it too xbox oriented


I am wondering if evolve is going to have only on xbox one bull . It seems when you started making evolve there was to much xbox in mind when you said the beta was for xbox only. I am also wondering if the closed beta will be for ps4. I dont think a company like you would do this (ea would) but i just want some confidence before spending 60 bucks . (god that sounds like a rant please don’t hate me)


The beta isn’t only for Xbox One, they’ve just confirmed that there is going to be a beta for Xbox One.


They started making evolve years ago and microsoft just recently bought the rights for an exclusive open beta. There has been an alpha on PC and a multi-platform alpha has just been announced. I would say no to your concerns!


I’m not bothered by this much seeing as there had already been a small alpha and now there is a big alpha so if I get into this alpha I don’t care that much and if I miss out well not on school holidays so might be hard to play when I have assignments to do


I’ve heard that the Monster DLC will appear first on X1, and that there will be a beta specifically for X1, but otherwise this game is focused everywhere else fairly equally ^^ those are currently the only announced perks for people who own an X1.


Nah I think it’s a new map that the Xbox One gets first, the Monster DLC will come first to anyone who pre-ordered a copy from a specific retailer. :slight_smile:


Afaik it’s only the OPEN beta that Xbox has an exclusive on as well as the free DLC (timed exclusive on free DLC, so maps).

From what I remember everything else, including paid DLC, will be at the same time and equal among all platforms.


Actually, you get the monster for free when it is released, not early


alright, thanks for clarifying. I don’t like spreading misinformation even by accident :slight_smile:


Yes that’s what I meant! Of course! :wink:


Meh, Sony has a much bigger hold on Destiny than MS does on this.

Sure Xbox gets an exclusive open beta. But you can choose Ps4 in the big alpha.


They also haven’t announced anything. Preference in the signup may just tell them X amount of people for each system and then help decide which platforms will even be getting an alpha.


Thank you for the clarification I can now buy the game without doubts (mostly)


The game itself isn’t but the marketing imo. is.


Agreed, Microsoft really wants a lot of games to appear to be “Xbox oriented”, including my other highly anticipated title, Dragon Age Inquisition. It’s in the same boat as Evolve, DLC on Xbox first.


The problem being that its not as exciting to see someone clomp around with a wonky stick with jerky motions, and sweeps across terrain.

Makes the experience look really bad imo.