Is it safe to play on the xbox one?


Both my friends near level 20 got completely reset and I don’t know if i want to play since I’m level 32 and would hate to have the hours i put into it be for nothing. They said it could be from switching between consoles and syncing the data or whatever but neither of them did. Should all xbox players stay off until they fix it?


I lost all of my progress 3 times , so I´m going to wait until they fixed the game


im sure they can restore progress made. I bet if you signed in with your 2k account you’d be fine.


Xbox players should stay off because I’m prowling around as monster on there.

But seriously, while it sucks your stuff has been reset I believe if you file a ticket with 2K support you may be able to get it back, or maybe that was preorder DLC? It’s worth a try either way.


Nope, I sent a request and they told me theirs no way they can, even if you had your 2k account linked. But they offered to give them a free unlock for a character .__.


Hadn’t heard of this. I’m staying off online for now just to be safe.


I believe the most common cause is trying to join your freends game while your in the middle of one