Is it REALLY that Hard to Track Wraith?


Maybe I’m a good trapper or playing with competent trappers I don’t know, but the only time I noticed it was hard to catch wraith (or any monster really), was with a bad trapper who has an itchy doom trigger finger.

You have 5 things going for you when fighting Wraith, some are in general, others are class specific as follows:

~Abe’s tracking darts, try and get close hit it with ONE tracking dart and dome immedieltey due to monsters being immedieltey aware of the tracking dart.(Couple Abe with the fast reload speed perm and she won’t get far)

~Griffin’s sound spikes, once domed simply deploy one if your in rough terrain for following a retreating Wraith. No where for her to hide for long when she the sound spike keeps exposing.

~Maggie has a ai dog that tracks, what’s the complaints here about following her? She does lack in the “finding evasive wraith while domed” department so having a team with good communication, (or people with good marking skills) help spread the responsibility of locating her).

~Cabot’s distracted does wonders and don’t be afraid to far it haphazardly once seeing the Wraith, just try and aim it next to her before firing, monsters can’t escape the dust tag if its marked for drop on them or not to them.

~Bucket’s a more interesting fellow. Fire the uav early and you have the perfect ambush abduction, so try and fire the uav as needed depending on your trapper. Also an ideal area that people forget if they can’t catch a domed wraith is to just fire once WHILE inside, just tell your team (if possible) to not shoot it just mark it for easy spotting.

The Wraith itself gives itself away too:

~Decoy’s movements aren’t sporadic like a normal monster player’s. It dashes stops, dashes stops, and attempts to throw out and easily avoidable attack. It flashes when hit, so pepper it a bit if you’re not sure. Does don’t get all crazy if and let loose with marks and shoot it, because 9 times out of 10, your team will follow suite.

This part if where I’ve caught it the most # of times and is crucial if you can get the hang of it:

~Wraith gives up its speed and traversal for decoy, granted it might use its traversal if it notices you all gaining traction but no worries, you’ll have gained missing ground with it by then. Immedieltey dash by the decoy once you are aware of that and the Wraith is never far behind slowly skulking away , wondering why the F*CK you guys aren’t running at the decoy instead.


Tracking the wraith isn’t the problem, getting a dome on without the wraith just warping away is the problem. Players need to either be able to cloak in and dome dead-center or the monster has to forget to sniff and look for the hunters.


Wraith’s don’t just waste their traversal immedieltey upon smelling the hunters, it’s only when the players notice the several hunters now barreling towards it and firing away. Just get close as possible before deploy without shooting it.


TBH if anything maggie is the one you want with a wraith in a dome, Daisy will keep you pointing in the right direction at least as it keeps hiding.