Is it really possible?


is it possible for an animal to have his guts showing like that ? like the behemoth ? because even tho it s pretty cool i just can t figure out if it is actually a thing


Probably not, I’m guessing if an animal had it’s guts hanging out it wouldn’t live long.


Well, yeah, it’s possible but I’m pretty sure it would be quickly removed from the gene pool by natural selection, considering it’s pretty useless. You get more resistance while swimming and less insulation of internal organs.

And god help you if you drag your belly over a twig.


but in theory can the organs stay attached to the body in this state or does fall to the ground ?


Yeah, I don’t see why not.


oh so it is somewhat a thing, i though they would be something inconsistant with having your organs not protected inside behind muscles and skin


he also is a giant monster. my guess is those things are like 3 feet thick rubber tubes. can take a beating as long as there are no punctures to it. even then regeneration of a species can be…interesting. think of a lizards disposable tail. it might not hurt behemoth at all.


Toads can actually regurgitate their own stomachs, forcing it outside their body as a ‘defense’ mechanism. I’m not sure how long they can live, but I’d assume that if their tissue remains hydrated, is still relatively impermeable to microorganisms passing it (like guts normally are) and blood loss isn’t an issue… indefinitely?


Gezz pore toads though i could see a monster doing that as a closed ranged attack


Imagine those things getting infected from random scrapes of dirt along Bob’s path.
Nah, I doubt any animal would live long like that.

Would you live long if you cut open your own belly and threw a handful of dirt, sand and rocks in there?


If you look closely is intestines and heart are a bit covered by a ribs made of rock, so I am assume Behemoth just doesn’t have a lot of normal skin and tissue, just his rocks. If anything his organs are held in place by tendons, so other tissue probably is necessary. As for infections, Behemoth seems to generate lava from that weak spot area, so I asse that his internals have extreme heat… I doubt any infection would occur. He’s like a skeleton with organs basically. He has an interesting concept.


having a break down of his physique like that pleases me for some reason


Like all creatures that have a digestive tract, the system is covered by a double-folded membrane called the peritoneum. It grows from the back wall and the digestive organs all grow into it. Sort of like pushing your hand into a balloon. These are entirely responsible for holding your digestive organs in place, it keeps them at the proper vertical alignment without tangling upon themselves. Makes the entire thing look like a big, tan blob.

Looks like Behemoth doesn’t have any of this so I can’t imagine what’s holding his GI tract in. Doesn’t look like those “ribs” of his would do the trick. Unless he was designed with a new system which is entirely possible. You would think his designer would go along the lines, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but he could’ve had a different idea.