Is it possible to lose or confuse Daisy?


I’ve had a small number of games while playing hunter that Daisy lost track of the monster and just ran in circles or just stood there. And no the monster wasn’t above or below us. How does this happen? I play monster mostly and sneaking doesn’t seem to do any good with Daisy. Running over water doesn’t do any good either. About the only luck was sneaking around agro wild life which seems to make Daisy take the scenic route to avoid agro wild life.


Daisy is fairly easy to juke if you know how. While you can stall and slow her down, she will eventually find you after a while. Anything that you are describing could just have been a bug.


Keep running, and pick feed speed. :smile:
Several ways to counter Daisy. :stuck_out_tongue:


This. Daisy is gullible. She’ll tunnel vision focus your tracks. Rivers are great for this. Dam, Refueling Tower, Orbital Drill, Even Fusion Plant are just a few maps which handicap Daisy.


Go one way, feed a bit, then sneak in a different direction. My general rule of thumb, and it usually works.


Most of the time, I see people not really following Daisy and blaming her for running poorly and not leading them, when in reality the trapper is going an opposite direction and Daisy is tethered to Maggie, so it seems like she’s going back and forth.

Assuming that isn’t the case, your best trick to make her lose your trail as the monster is to leap into water, like the river in The Dam once you touch land, however, she is design to head to the oldest trail that was placed, no matter how far it is. That and getting caught in a dome with no monster are the only 2 ways, she would completely lose the monster.

Practically speaking, you have to balance your sneaking with running. If you sneak, you’ll go slower, but then again, so will daisy who will follow your trail from oldest to newest. The moment you leave a real trail, and she is withing a certain range to it, she will ignore your stealth tracks and follow the scented placed ones. So don’t both sneaking in a circular pattern that keeps you in the same area, and then try leaping and running away. Daisy would then be able to by pass all those stealth trail attempts and cut straight for the monster. Ideally you want to sneak through uneasy terrain keeping hunters on their toes as to whether they should go up/down a cliff, left/right a turn.

For fun, I highly recommend taking the speed movement perk and stealth walking all around a level. I find it quite entertaining as it allows me to sneak up behind the hunters fast enough and knock the stragglers away to be beaten to a pulp.


Did hell freeze already? unless your any monster butt goliath and behemoth, yeah its possible to ditch daisy


Goliath & Behemoth can both ditch Daisy. Mr. Strategio explained it about as well as it can be explained - mix stealth and normal movement, clever traversals, and use water sources to travel whenever possible. And the one thing I was unaware of - she will always sniff out your oldest tracks, which makes it even easier to lead her in the completely wrong direction. Instead of doing predictable laps or just relying on speed to double back over the same area, you can do a zigzag pattern across a map, sneaking when you’re moving parallel to the Hunters. Of course carrion bird RNG will get you eventually, sometimes sooner rather than later.


its soo rare, hell has to freeze over >.> did you not get the memo


I’ll have to upload a video where I go over Daisy Jukes :stuck_out_tongue: I had one on my twitch stream a while back but can’t recall if I ever local copied it.


Just to clarify, she sniffs out the oldest Stealth Tracks to follow them, but once you leave a visible track she will ignore the stealth tracks and follow that instead, which could negate all your stealth efforts.


That’s how I always thought it worked.


Lol Daisy is quite capable of confusing herself!


I have a question. What is her smell range? I assume it is around 100m and then when she can’t find any tracks it increases slowly over time. Is that how it works, or does she have limitless range?


Yes it’s 100m for a trail to the newest visible track. If a monster took a water route to conceal its tracks and reappeared beyond that distance, Daisy would then detect the oldest track outside of 100meters and head for it.


Ha, I knew it! I thought that was how it worked :slight_smile: Thanks for the confirmation :smiley:


Just now got to see this reply, strangely - it’s good to have this elaboration on how Daisy works! It also puts a heavy emphasis on landing your sneak attacks on wildlife from close range, since it seems to leave a single visible track if your sneak pounce is too far away - that’s VERY cringeworthy if you’ve been sneaking for a while!

I have a few follow-up questions though about how traversal visible tracks work:

Goliath: When using the leap does it leave visible tracks at the beginning, landing point, or both? If either end is in water, is the visible track avoided? Does the leap leave stealth tracks through the air along its arc?

Kraken: My understanding is its traversal leaves stealth tracks as it flies; are these followed in the same oldest-to-newest order as sneaking? And when the Kraken lands, if it lands in water can it avoid leaving a visible track that Daisy will focus on?

Wraith: When the wraith warps into midair and is falling, what kind of tracks are left along its path? It’s not technically sneaking as it falls - are those midair ‘loud’ tracks?

Thank you!


I use Daisy to my advantage when I play monster. She might guide the hunters in the general direction, but the hunters just follow her like train tracks and hardly ever open their eyes and actually try to cut me off xD


It’s official: A good Monster makes Daisy useless. Just ask @MaddCow


She can still rez people :stuck_out_tongue: