Is it possible to get the early prototype builds of Evolve? I'm curious


Is there by any chance a post of Evolve’s early prototype builds for download?


Like pre-launch versions?



Do you mean a public test server?


I mean the prototype builds, before the game was even released. But if a Public Test Server exists, that might be interesting too.


Ah, alright. I really hope a member of TRS steps in and sometime releases the prototypes to the public. They probably won’t though, because people can possibly cheat with them.


You could read through this

There are a lot of concept art and some VERY early gameplay footage, like when Goliath was originally some sort of Giant Crab


I know, but I would like to try the actual prototype out of curiosity.


No, you can’t.




The old prototype build was called Metamorphosis. Two Evolve casters had the privilige to go to the TRS studio and try the build out.

Reason’s why this build won’t be made public is explained in this thread also, along with any additional info: