Is it possible to get on console a 720p 60 FPS / 1080p 30 FPS Option?


Hey Devs and Guys,

it would be great if we could choose on console if we want high res. or 60 fps.
Is there any chance to get this?


Yes. Buy a console.


No, I don’t know of any games give you the option of fps or resolution for consoles.


No .

Windows 10 upgrade should help xbox with direct X 12 . Maybe they can improve it

Evolve runs on 1080p resolution for the PS4 and 900p resolution on X1 . Both at 30 FPS


The division was supposed to give us that option but binned the idea prior to release.

Don’t think they can add in that option now but maybe Evolve 2 in 3-5 years may be in 60fps.


It kind of removes the plug/play idea behind consoles. It would be nice, but not necessary.


The Last of Us Remastered allows an option to lock the game at 30fps or 60fps both at 1080p.


Same goes for Infamous: Second Son. I think it’s a good idea for single player games, but should not be implemented into multiplayer features.


It’s still there, kinda. If you turn down smoothing to 0 you get 10 or 15isf frames. Things look rather bad at a distance, but not up close.


My hope is now on Sonys side with the Playstation 4K, maybe the PS4K get better Hardware, then I can play Evolve on Console with 40 - 60 FPS…

Awesome would be if Sony would release every year new upgrades in the generation. So like:
A Generation will take: 7 years in this seven years it will be 6 upgrades but all ppl are able to play the games in this generation.

If you like you can upgrade, if not you can stay on your console…


I would rather have the lowest resolution with 60 FPS than have a high resolution with 30 FPS

30 FPS is a turned off for players


[quote=“Daisy_Slayer, post:7, topic:85263, full:true”]
The Last of Us Remastered allows an option to lock the game at 30fps or 60fps both at 1080p.
[/quote]That’ll be because it’s a last-gen game.

On the subject, I’m one of the players who’ll gladly take better game performance over graphics. And a game like Evolve is one game I feel should have 60fps as standard.