Is it possible for an assault to move as fast as a monster?


I had a game where a Parnell player was moving as fast as a Goliath from one side of the map to the other side. When I asked him how, he said he had jetpack recharge and movement speed buff. It still seemed suspicious to me because I take jetpack recharge regularly as a trapper and I was never that fast though without a movement speed buff. This guy literally was right behind me shooting as he was moving and keeping up with my jumps across the map. There was no sunny.

I know there are some jetpack hacks out there for PC.


Super soldier also increases jump height and movement speed I believe but the higher the stage of the monster the slower it moves.


I was at stage 1. I was never able to evolve to stage 2 4 games in a row because of this guys constant pursuit. Twice as goliath, once as kraken, once as wraith.


Your actual speed decreases but you cover the same amount of ground in the same amount of time because you increase in size


That seems ridiculous. And you were using traversals and there was nothing slowing you down like Val or someone else with the Bullets Slows Monster perk?


Really? I don’t think so I definitely feel like I cover less at Stage 3 than at Stage 1.


Yeah I believe it’s been confirmed a few times by the devs


If you could find that I’d be interested to see it


I ve had enough of this game s problems Look at the 27th post


Lol thanks never thought about it that way


No problem


That is correct. He explained it as the jetpack recharge perk and movement speed buff.


If you play it right its possible to keep up just insanely hard, he probably only fired weapons while dashing forward so it didnt slow him down, and switched between them rather than reloading to save time as well, and any time he had to touch the ground used SS to keep up running pace, was the medic slim? If so he could nullify the handicap to SS so parnell could just keep going without any real penalty, plz reply im intrigued and wanna know how it was done


With move speed or traversal buff, you can definitely keep up with the monster if you know where he’s going, (if they don’t also have the buff).


Surely the monster was using traversals tho


Honestly i think with sunny slim parnell and any trapper, abe most likely they could keep up with anything


Cutting corners and using your jetpack/team abilities really can give you a strong tab on the monster. I have pissed off many monsters in skirmish by being the one trapper they can never shake off. Im assuming he wasnt just right next to you the entire game but that he was slightly behind you and always caught up as you were trying to grab a bite. If he was however keeping up with you the entire game while staying on you then…

That doesnt happen unless he had sunny on the team and a caira who coordinated her ACC Fields.


Pretty sure the medic was Caira but not 100% certain. When I’m assault with a Caira I cannot chase the monster across the map, only about 1/3 of the way. Though I haven’t tested chasing a monster with jet pack recharge and movement speed perk. I wish I had recorded the game when I was playing Goliath on Dam. This guy was literally RIGHT BEHIND ME across the map after the dome went down shooting the entire way. The next time I played Goliath with movement speed perk to try to shake him and I still couldn’t get enough distance to ever evolve.


Who was the support? Was he running or jetpacking if u could see him, was ciara hitting him with healing nades or acc feilding him?


I’ve had similar problems before. I never knew what perk they took, but one time after burning every kind of traversal over all sorts of altitude changes going uphill, the hunters were always right behind me, and they said they found the movement buff shortly before they stumbled across me.

It doesn’t surprise me that Parnell can keep up with movement buff and jetpack perk. If anyone can be infinitely sticky, it’s him, with exactly that. The good news is they’re doing a balance sweep across the buffs/perks, so things like this probably won’t happen anymore.

I know it’s really not fun to be forced to exclusively run for several minutes.