Is it okay to leave games when playing with 'mentally handicapped' people?


Not like, actual handicapped people, but people that run straight towards the wraith as last man standing. And is attacking the power relay. And they’re Cabot.


Sure, man. Always do that)


What I usually do is give them hints on what they are doing wrong. If they refuse to listen, I leave.

There’s a difference between not realizing you can run and refusing to run.
Then there’s also those people still reviving anyone regardless of how many times you tell them that’s Lazarus’ job.


I’ll quit when my team actively makes me enraged. Like, I don’t expect anyone to be amazing. I myself screw up sometimes. And sometimes it’s just overall bad luck. But if you play Crit sniper only on Val when everyone is low on health and no monster is around, if you rez with Laz in the game etc. Like, actively playing against what your assigned task is, then fuck you, I don’t have time for this shit. It’s too frustrating to deal with.


I just tell them to stop wacking off over the Goliath.