Is it normal that I can't see the monster expansion pack in my xbox one apps and games?


I just wanted to be sure since I pre-purchased and got the bundle with the third character set unlock, savage Goliath and the monster expansion pack, that i can’t see, is it because Behemoth comes out later?


Yeah I have the same thing the behemoth comes out once they have finished it, hope they add game modes too


Press select on the game and go into manage game. it will tell you all add-on downloaded on the game.


Already tried, that’s why i’m asking :confused:


Everything appeared but the monster expansion pack isn’t there


Same thing for PS4.


cant tell you if that one should appear because i havent bought dlc yet but i guess it should? at worst jsut try deleting and redownloading it.


Well, I hope i get a reply from a dev so I can be sure, I wanna know if this is a bug


Probably not a bug, turtkerock fucked us!!!


In the pre order info it said behemoth when it becomes available so I was not expecting to have it in the first week.


Yeah, but I downloaded and I think it is suppose to be on the download queque, just still not available, now I don’t know if this is a bug or is normal.


And before the game was released, I could see it in my games and app and now I don’t


Well, I guess i’ll keep waiting till some dev helps me


The expansion pack works as an xbox bundle, if you see the savage Goliath skin dlc, then you are okay.
When the behemoth is released, instead of charging you, it will just say install in the store


Then i hope it goes like that then, thank you