Is it me or is the new jetpack lackluster?


I only played a dozen matches last night but I kept feeling like jetpack was lacking thrust. I could not get the quick bursts of acceleration I am used to. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yup, it’s pretty pathetic


So before, you could get 3 types of jetpack boost. You could get long, med or short.
They’ve fixed that, so you’ll only get med.
Good news : it should be consistent.
Bad news : you don’t get the awesome OP jetpack boost.

Also, I think that climbing walls is more reliable, so that’s a yay.

But yeah, I definitely feel slower than pre patch :’(

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I feel that dodging has become more difficult as a result of the changes. I have to burn what feels like more jetpack to get out of things like aftershock etc.


I like the consistency, however it makes dealing with elevation changes much more difficult which can cause frustration. I personally don’t think the jetpack values are quite right, a lot of things are potentially less dodgeable than they were before. I know devs said that the changes should mean that you can reliably dodge aftershock more than before, but honestly I was dodging aftershock much better before these jetpack changes.

So, I like the direction of the changes, and I’m sure I’ll get used to them, but at this stage I feel that the boost length is a little limiting when compared to monster abilities. I understand it’s lackluster against monster speed because they want monsters to be able to get away better, and I think that works.


This. Honestly I would rather go back to the old jetpack code. I feel like dodging has been comprised significantly in favor of more consistency. It just feels watered down.


I think it’s great! I played about 6 matches and it was fine. I didn’t feel slower at all and when I was playing as Val, kiting the monster was much smoother.


Definitely dodging warpblast and aftershock have become really challenging for me. I cannot put my finger on it why that is. I don’t know if it is my timing, or that I don’t have as much inertia/torque on the jetpack dodge. It felt like before I would drift further and lurch faster when I did the dodge. Now it feels like I am dragging a sandbag.

Again…more testing and more practice is needed but initial gut feeling is that Hyde fattened up over the holidays.

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The first thing I said after I got into the game with the new patch was “Dafuq is wrong with the jetpack” (that was like 2sec after the match started)
yeah it definitely is way more harder to dodge anything.
I also preferred picking jump high perk cuz it would get you rly far but I would say that how it is right now is a big jetpack nerv.
You can see that whenever you want to boost with the jump heigh perk that it takes a whole sec or even more in order for your jetpack to kick in. Its like you start the bost when you reached the peak of your jump witch is rly annoying now -.-
You cannot dodge for shit with that now.
P.S. I am lv 40 and played since alpha I know how to use the jetpack


Did warp blast and aftershock not get buffs to their range too? That could be partly to blame


yes Aftershock lv 3 does less dmg now but the range got increased for some reason

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I’ll be honest that I haven’t read through the complete patch notes (TL:DR) but if that is true it doesn’t help the argument. The net effect of buffing range of aftershock/warp blast and adjusting dodge would make those attacks be much more challenging to avoid.

I guess when I head to the bathroom today I’ll peruse the notes…I am only a Bronze level bathroom breaker so this could be more challenging than I can do though. :grin:


Huh…because it being 1/3 of the dome (sarcasm) wasn’t big enough?


Aftershock was rly hard to dodge even before the patch, like nerly impossimble (if the monster is not a retard)
but now with the increased range and the jetpack “nerv” (I call it nerv)
there is nothing you can do when the Kraken goes after you with Aftershock.
I rly want the old jetpack back :frowning:


oh and btw the climbing walls when you are out of jetpack still didnt work for me that felt just the same how it was before patch

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For me it’s now much more easy to dodge, but climbing bacame impossible


jetpack is definitely hurting for me. But i play with a friend who is not good and he didn’t notice. What this means to me is that this is a nerf on people who knew how to jetpack efficiently and either a buff or a neutral change for others. So it’s probably good for the overall balance of the game but it does feel super sluggish for now. I’m sure we’ll get used to it.

Definitely agree that this makes jump height a non-option

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I have heard that too from people who are not rly good at using it btw
but me and a friend of mine are good and we both have the same opinion


Haven’t used the new Jetpack much, only played two placement matches as Monster and spent the rest of the time eliting Jack in solo with the Jetpack buff so I haven’t experienced it :stuck_out_tongue:


The jetpack change feels like it lacks oomph to it.