Is it me or does the Spotter perk not work for hunters (ps4)?


I’ve had it for the last few games and whether the Goliath is near or a bit further, I can’t see him. How exactly does this work?


If the monster comes within 60 (40? 20?) meters of you he/she will be outlined in red


There’s currently a bug that causes the buff to not work properly sometimes.

You can cleraly see the wall of the arena closer than 40 meters away and my teammates doing work on a Monster.


Thatd explain it


This does NOT happen at all for me. I’ll attach a video


As Lagger said, apparently theres a bug goin around, so thats prolly it


I don’t really care for it, basically useless. But it’s nice to kill, 100% smell range is big.

Never bothers me when it doesn’t work.


It’s extremely useful for sneaking monsters. As trapper, it really bothers me.


It is 40 meters. And I’ve never had it not work for me.