Is it me or does no-one play Evolve anymore?


I love playing this game online but ive waited like 15 to 20 minutes to be paired against hunters in the past, in the end i usually get bored of waiting and end up switching to black ops, great fun when you get paired up against people but i rarelt ever ger paired with anyone


Depending on your platform/region you might experience longer than normal queue times. It also depends on the time of day,


whats interesting is that we actually had a thread pop up a couple days ago saying that they’ve been seeing more and more new players.

just means you got the short end of the stick atm like what TMTR says


Yesterday I queued in monsters Hunt 2.0. Found a team after 5 mins. Then after that, found games after 30 seconds, 5 seconds (<- This team dodged me, lol) and ~20 seconds.


Mayby its me or my connection then, dont have any problems with other games though, just wondering thats all


I still play Evolve…
But I must admit I’m probably on the forums more… For the lore.


What platform?


OK, guys. The indignant/irritated pictures aren’t helping move the discussion along, nor are they fostering a welcoming environment.


I’m just gonna say it’s you who feels like that

But maybe a lot of people don’t :confused:


I can’t even play monster these days unless I wait literally 15 minutes someone with very little free time this isn’t good enough so I give up and just main hunter, even that takes a long time love the game but sadly it seems to be dyeing off.


It is a well known fact that not alot of people play the game. If you don’t have the patience to wait 30 mins -90 mins fora monster match in 2.0, your best bet is to stick too quick play.


Community is small but decent amount there too.

Maybe if they scrapped the divisions in ranked MM would be faster


Here on the 27th there will be plenty of hunters wanting to play because of the new support. If its still slow then its just you. I personally don’t have a problem finding matches (Xbox)


Wat system?


If you’re on Xbox one check you NAT type.


On Quick play u can get matches really fast
on Hunt 2.0 u must be Bronze-Destroyer to get matches fast i get a match like in 3 minutes

im on PS4


Yeah man just depends on the time really, in the afternoon in my region (Texas) I’ll get games practically immediately but closer towards midnight, cause evolve all day on my days off for the win, my wait times usually increase to 5-10 minutes and sometimes longer
Edit: Xbox one


ah! we’re in the same timezone.

but yea, pretty much what he said and i’m on PC. no issues for me neither


The PC playerbase has been climbing slowly, so I’m fairly certain that people do play! :smiley:


Exactly my point