Is it me or do Abe's tracking darts last FOREVER?


Even when he shoots me directly I feel like I can’t shake them at all after. It’s much harder than Maggie.


45 seconds unless he tags you again.


and if he has the three star on it a 10% increase


Seeing as the average round time is maybe 15 minutes or so, Isn’t that a bit much?


So 49.5 seconds. :wink:


That’s Abe’s niche. Very difficult to initially find the monster, very hard to lose once he finds you.


It definitely ‘resets’ the game some; certainly situation dependent, but for the most part forces the monster to dodge around getting as far away as possible.

But hey, you can still just armor up, pick your next engagement by letting them come to you on YOUR terms. There ARE times I’d love a big HERE I AM button :wink:

Now, if you’re trying to get away, and they have Cabot+Abe, then yes, that’s annoying :stuck_out_tongue:


I think its fine. It takes a long time to set up a dart net, and by then, the Monster is usually stage 2 and can hold its own in a fight. Thats the trade off for having pretty much no tracking in the early game.


Birds = Big Here I am button.


I know - but they aren’t always where I want them :stuck_out_tongue:


easy fix = walk into birds, leave tracks heading towards location you want them to be


Breathing fire in the air is a lot classier than scaring birds and does attract hunters :slight_smile:

Next thing we need on the monster kit is a “ROARRR” key to … well … roar!