Is it me or are more people getting into the game currently?


Usually in hunt mode you kinda struggle to find games for whatever reason, but i managed to at least find 6 games today against unranked to bronze masters
I still need to wait for a while but i m surprised to have been able to play against people


Well yeah, there are a ton of bronze people.


@thegamer118 you’re right , even in the silver level there’s been a ton of different people on. This patch made a lot of monsters comes back, and it rank up! One of the many great things about it :slight_smile:


Scorching post.


no not monster, i m a monster but i usually struggle to find hunters, it s the hunters that are hard to find


Well I’m a big time hunter player so very hard for me to notice :smiley: but if that’s the case even better. The more people on shear the better! I’ll try some
Monster games today and see if j notice anything!!



I’ve been having more games in Hunt 2.0 than Quickplay.

Given though, it’s nothing but determining ranked or people who just got out of it. Person with the most hours I believe was a Lazarus player with 100.

Anyways, good for me for my climb. Doesn’t matter anymore what rank they are, I always get 1-4 points (and the 4 points was for winning against Bernie and his team which are Silver skilled)


wait wait was the guy something called Bernie gonna fail or something, something about bernie failing
if yes i played against him and his team


Yep, that’s the one. He’s also very active on the forums. I also recommend checking @Deanimate’s channel. He has a very “funny” match against them.


haha seems that guy is popular damn


I’ve not noticed an increase of players, could be that you happened to be on at the right day at the right time. Other than that, I do have no doubts that TU09 will draw in more players, thanks to the new mechanics and balancing systems.

Although, TU09 will have its tweaks, of course, which may just continue to shove players out. But in general, I haven’t seen anyone new on. Other than some more “Determining Ranks.”


Lucky you. All last night I ran into the same guy over and over.

He’s not even a fun guy to fight. Flee till three wraith…


i feel your pain an, i feel it hard


I’m still a bronze (pubs and all that) and I’ve been finding DRs all day! I’ve also found many lvl 1-10s in quickplay.


Well I can’t find anyone. Finally when I do, they’re low silvers and high bronzes and dodge me. I think rank and badge should be hidden before match and you can see them after match like in csgo.


I had found a ton of games in ranked, quick tonight.


I mostly do quickplay (On PS4) and I meet a lot of new people there !
I have two feelings, I’m happy there is new players, but I’m also afraid of their experience…
There is just too much good monsters in quickplay, and there is people like Dragonfly that massacre noobies everyday. And I hate player like them.


You know what I do in games like (I’ve been playing a little bit of qp lately) I’m a so-so monster player that guy that only plays monster in qp to pub stomp ill change to monster and kill him and him only 3-4 times and let the other guys beat me.


I am a Silver Elite Monster at the moment and I have complete understanding if low rankks dodge me. For what playing for, the result is clear…


I play on PC, however once the TU is out in ranked I’ll only challenge hunters who’s profiles are not private. Helps ensure I’m not playing against trolls or smurf accounts.