Is it just me, or is Wraith's abduction not working consistently?


I’ve had some situations where I clearly nail an abduct directly onto a hunter, but it doesn’t actually grab them and pull them back. One time the ability even did damage to the hunter and they didn’t get pulled back with me. What’s up with that? To explain what happened, Wraith lunged forward, swiped at him, he lost health, and then Wraith returned to her starting position, without the hunter in her arms.

This mostly seems to happen when I’m stage 3, and I’m using abduct from long range. To me, I don’t think abduct is even worth levelling up past level 1, because it seems to miss a lot from long range, and I’m 100% sure it’s not a matter of me having bad aim, because just like I said in the previous paragraph, I’ve managed to do damage with it from long range, so there’s no way I’m always missing.


Yup, I’ve had this too. Plenty of us have. Dead on Abducts not grabbing things, completely missed Abducts nailing people, Abduct doing damage but not grabbing or grabbing without doing damage…


Okay good, I’m not the only one. Is this a known bug? I should check out the known issues report and if it’s not in there, I’ll file a bug report. I really wish I could record this happening, but my video card can’t handle recording the game.


It’s well known. It’s mainly a case of bad registration/latency/all that jazz. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s terrible. I mean, you’ve got to be kidding me. So the bullets, missiles, grenade launchers, mortars and all manner of projectiles can hit from far away, but adbuct won’t? Dude. You NEED to be able to abduct against good hunters, because going all in will kill you or cause you to take chunks of health damage.


Plus Supernova aren’t worth taking and WB is extremely slow and predictable.

Yeah Wraith’s kind of a mess. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Supernova is okay, I just wish it lasted a tiny bit longer. Maybe even nerf the damage a bit and increase the duration a slight amount. It works very well with wraith’s decoy, as the decoy already has a damage bonus attached to it, and when you combine it with the supernova, the damage is insane. The decoy is sort of like a projectile attack, and it works well if you want to do damage without taking damage. The supernova helps hide the fact that it’s a decoy, because the blinking is obscured by the supernova visual effects.

edit and in regards to warp blast, I think it’s fine. At level 3, it has a huuuuuge radius, and it does great spike damage. Plus it’s good for separating hunters or knocking them off of ledges.

The only thing I think is in a bad place is the adbuction, because of the inconsistency with the long range abducts.


Except when using it you’re a painfully easy target. Torvald, Parnell and Hyde can all decimate you. Nobody picks Markov anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus against a Hank, Sunny or Caira, it’s worthless. Against a Laz/Cabot/Bucket/Val though it’s nice.


I don’t really agree with this as Wraith I can decimate a Hank shield with supernova do some damage and then finish with a warp blast and some melees. It is a really easy down if you time it when they are out of jetpack fuel. Its actually how I win most of my games.


Both Abduction and Decoy are buggy as hell and Decoy is stupid half the time.

Supernova is a laughable ability and Warpblast is rediculous and if you want to do good vs a Pre-Made Team you must take Warpblast.

I hate how the Wraith is now. She was fine before the Nerf… the complaints were coming from all the players who are probably not playing the game anymore because they can’t figure out why they keep losing with random idiot teammates.

Wraith was a tad annoying and needed a tad adjustment in the right areas but considering how a good portion of the player base is somewhat competent (I’ve noticed randoms being a little bit more difficult to kill over the past few weeks) and with the mixture of the Tier 4 Hunters Pre-Nuke-Nerf Wraith would be having difficulties these days.


Abduct is bugged, I hope it’s fixed one day… It’s annoying to not pick someone up, when you aimed it perfectly.


I’ve only noticed decoy act stupid once. I aimed it in the general direction of the assault and launched it at him. It warped in his direction, as expected, then turned around and warped twice back towards me, and started slowly approaching the medic, who was behind me. I was trying to sneak away and because the decoy came back towards me, the hunters shot directly at me and spotted me easily.


Yes… Decoy needs to stop coming back to the Wraith because one single stray shot and the whole world knows your position.

TRS needs to stop catering to the wrong player base. This game is competitive… not a casual CoD game where everyone is good.


Abduct is fun.


Did you guys win or lose that game?


We lost.

It was before Wraith was nerfed, so it was a stage 3 with full health that had been dome dodging and decoy spamming us. We were a bit annoyed we didn’t get him.


If he had that much trouble winning with pre-patch Full health stage 3 Wraith. He must be a terrible monster player, especially now that the Wraith is nerfed across the board. I assume he stooped playing Wrath after the nerf.


I only use warp blast and abduct with wraith, the abduction then melee then warp blast under them usually decimates health unless you have a superv val on your team. Haven’t lost so far

Abduct I tend to use midrange because I usually get one hunter down and warp as if I’m leaving the area so the hunters start to revive the downed guy. That’s when you hit em with abduction cus you’re bound to either get the body or the dude reviving


Yeah mid range and short range, I have no problems with it. It’s only at long range that I run into issues.


Aim high is what i’ve learned since i started using Wraith more. It often times will look like you miss, but it won’t. You will fly all the way past the hunter, but once you hit a wall or go as far as abduct will let you, the hunter will teleport into your grab.

So just aim above the hunters head and not exactly where they are. The hitbox for abduct is quite large if you aim it correctly.