Is it just me or is slim's two star spore cloud bugged?


Progress doesn’t go up even after keeping monster in the spore cloud for well over 20 seconds. Or is this just me??


A lot of others have got it. Hey, I got it by accident while playing as GRIFFIN.

But yes, Masteries are bugged occasionally. Perhaps.


You got slim’s spore cloud mastery while playing as griffin ??


Yeah, it’s a bug. A nice bug. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea well with how buggy slim’s thing is right now I wouldn’t mind it, I keep the monster in the cloud for 20 sec and it doesn’t cound and yet I only need 3 more points for 2 star


Of course its bugged, its Slim we’re talkin about.
Lol ok, srs time, its probably just the fact that the mastery is extremely difficult so itll take a while


It’s very buggy, actually! Very buggy indeed… very… buggy… buggy… bug. Get it yet? It’s cause Slim is a bugman!.. oh I brought nothing helpful to this thread -_-.

dashes away


@Quirkly did it first, Hydra. :slight_smile:


Ironically it only seems to progress when used only on the behemoth.


Its most likely due to Bob being so slow and fat he stays in the cloud, like, forever, but Goliath, Krak, and Wraith are constantly zipping in and out


Yeah, hard to keep anyone in it.


Especially Kraken, theres usually no way of getting a cloud up there other than hitting Zippy mc Zip himself