Is it just me or is Charge good now?

The least used of the Goliaths abilities, Charge is actually really working for me since the patch. Just with one point into it I am actually dishing out some damage and putting the hurt on people.


Also what is everybody else doing with the Golly since the new patch?
I am finding myself going 2 fire and 1 leap/charge.
Stage 2 being 3 fire, 2 leap, 1 charge.
Stage 3 the rest into rock throw.

I am loving the additional damage from lower abilities but I am really missing the melee damage at stage three :frowning: but I feel like my comboing is improving so its not too bad.

I personally use

Stage 1 - 1 Rock 1 Leap 1 Fire / 1 Leap 1 Fire 1 Charge
Stage 2 - 3 Rock 1 Leap 1 Fire 1 Charge
Stage 3 - 3 Rock 3 Leap 1 Fire 2 Charge

With the new balance patch it is better to spread your skill points thin. Spread out 3 abilities at S1, then at S2 either upgrade those to lvl 3 or get the last ability to lvl 3.

I recommend:

  • Stage 1
  • 1 Rock Throw
  • 1 Leap Smash
  • 1 Charge

  • Stage 2
  • 2 Rock Throw
  • 2 Leap Smash
  • 2 Charge

  • Stage 3
  • 3 Flame Breath
  • 2 Rock Throw
  • 2 Leap Smash
  • 2 Charge

You can swap up the Rock and Flame. Those are personal preference.

I think leap should always get 3 points in the end, the bigger radius and shorter cooldown are invaluable in combat.

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Flame Breath is high-damaging and very short cooldown. It’s also impossible to dodge so :smile:

Personally I go Rock, Fire, Leap at S1, then at S2 I put 2 Rock 2 Leap 1 Fire 1 Charge. S3, two in everything and then Flame Breath with 3.

Eh it’s just personal preference, I like the 3 3 2 1 spread more than the 3 2 2 2 spread as well.

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That it is :smile:

idk what your talking about charge was always goo

I like going 1 Leap, 1 Charge, 1 Fire.
Leap and charge are so good at getting away at stage 1. Fire is good for feeding.

Then 2 rock, 2 fire, 1 leap, 1 charge.
1 leap is honestly not bad in combat with good aim, but fire and rock are my personal strong points. Charge is good at comboing.

Finally I do 3 fire and 2 in everything else.
Charge is actually good at getting quick damage off and helps so much with comboing. I’ve never needed bigger radius for leap and fire is such a good damage dealer. I do like putting 3 in rock sometimes because of speedy throw speed though, it so fun :smiley:

Still feels like charge is only good as a traversal

I delt 11k dmg with Charge in one Arena match :smiley: A little less dmg than leap smash.

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